Tijs' Crust ↯

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  • Yup. Certainly gone to the top of my list.

  • Very lovely bike. I’ve been trying to avoid buying a Crust for a while now, this doesn’t help

  • Some more vanity shots, taken by my mate yesterday.

  • nice shots! love the paint sparkle.
    i had this build down as more of a loose chino shorts and checked shirt than full lycra vibe though ;)

  • Unfortunately I lack the fashion sense to pull that off.

    I do slightly better when I'm touring:

  • i'm just jealous - i'm too fat for lycra.
    fat and old.

  • Mint backdrop ❤️

  • Nice bike, great bar angle

  • Just clocked this thread, so good!

  • Great bike, and the bag looks amazing.

  • Looks sweet! Big fan of your Muddy Fox but this may even surpass it. Nice work

  • Yours and their shots are each great, I would happily see more. The tubing looks really slender, really really classic frame with the level top tube, and I love the pops of colour and your build. Super

    That fork is 200g lighter than the one on my Faran, the frame is the same. Shows what you can shave off without disc brakes.

  • wtf how did i miss this thread!? great bike. I hate campag except 10 speed record.

  • needs trp eurox at some point because you are €uro

  • RevoX surely, because of the lush yellow?

  • yes! sorry. Defo those. Love the bike, fucking light too. Are you retiring muddy fox?

  • Muddy Fox will be the dedicated touring bike. Just need a headset, since I robbed the CK for this build.

  • Absolutely yes

  • Bike is good. Shimmy is really a non-issue in practice. Doesn't happen on its own, even under loaded descents. Handling otherwise is great.

    Long distances feel quite comfortable. Went into Germany today, as part of a 200k loop. Gearing is actually pretty good for road riding. Could use a slightly bigger cassette, or I could just get quicker.

  • Very very nice!

  • brilliant. the muddy fox was already so good but this one has that special touch too. and it now means that if I see pink bartape flying past it may be you on this beauty

  • We're on opposite sides of the country, so I doubt that'll happen! And thanks.

  • For a bike designed to carry a front load, it seems to ride better without one. This bike really shines on some light and fast gravel, quite good.

    Swapped out the saddle for my trusty Aspin, and the handlebars for Nitto Noodles. Some wider rubber incoming too.

  • What's the actual head angle and actual rake?

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Tijs' Crust ↯

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