• Hello all,

    A lot of you know me, a lot of you don't. My names Jordan and I run www.bigxtop.com
    and I've made hundreds of bags for lots of you and all sorts of folk all over the world.

    I took a two year break around 2019-2021 and I recently came back following a very helpful survey I submitted on this very forum.

    I got my start here back in 2011, and from there I was kept busy all the way until 2019. I'm struggling to get much traction on Instagram, as things have been throttled quite considerably in the past few years in terms of reach. I thought I'd start a new thread in here just to help get the word out, and have a solid place for my LFGSS sales and requests.

    My offer is as follows:

    1. My existing range, on the site, made to order - in all sorts of colours
    2. Modifications to said range
    3. Re-issues of my old products that I no longer sell, such as the hip pouch (likely on a presale basis), mini messenger etc.
    4. Fully bespoke stuff, think things like framebags, rackbags - etc!

    I've attached some photos of some recent instagram stuff.

    Thanks for reading, really happy to be back making bags.

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  • Your work always looks spot on. How much for the green back pictured above? A rucksack from you is definitely on my list of things I'd like.

  • That was 130. Some good mods on that one, stretchy side pockets for bottles.

    Thanks so much for the kind words, the daysack has always been especially popular, lots of folk on the forum with them

  • The side pockets caught my eye. I always use them, but they're no long standard on lots of backpacks.

  • That's it with a klean kanteen in it, doesnt impede on the load inside the bag at all

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  • Good luck Jordan, I've always held that the daysack is about as good as it gets- my mods would just be a laptop sleeve and a 6" square zipped security pocket in the back: shown in the pic on a Gravis daysack I picked up in Japan...

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  • Bar bags look good. They just mount on the bars with a stabiliser strap around the head tube?

    Order on your site? Would be interested in a black one with orange front pocket.

  • I've made a few of those but slightly different, I just sew up the top edge of one of the side pockets, and then a little covert zip along the back edge by the backpad - Good for passport! Can be done on a backpad too.

    Have done lots of laptop sleeves, they're a great little mod, especially now people arent carrying 17" laptops around anymore.

  • Yes exactly, it tucks under your bars. Shaped in such a way that it opens nicely from the riders side. Really good for people who ride with cameras too.

    It has stiffeners throughout and a sewn in aluminium bar where it mounts to the handlebars to stop it sagging.

    Yep site is fine! as long as you follow up with me on here via PM I'll be able to add that note, no extra charge.

    EDIT: Theres a really good video of how it works on the listing! https://bigxtop.com/products/rando-bar-b­ag

  • This, with the nifty side pockets and a laptop sleeve inside in a nice nave blue has my heart rate ticking upwards

  • Lovely stuff - always been a big fan

  • Really nice, that bar bag looks really clever and would make a nice camera bag 👀
    me trying to justify buying another bike bag

  • Hah! That was one of the main use cases I was thinking of when I designed it.

  • I have always coveted a daysack. Really like the look of the seat pack too and hope to order one next month.

    Not sure why, but your link in the first post doesn’t work. Does if you type it in, but the link seems to be a dead end on lfgss somewhere.

    Best of luck with it.

    Edit: just looked and now I want a bar bag too!

  • Thank you, more than happy to help when the time comes.

    Cheers for the heads up in the link, I've done it in html instead and it seems to work now!

  • Hiya Jordan. I was gifted a daysack (and a seatpack, and a saddle roll!) for my birthday back in 2016 by my wife, and it has been on every commute, trip and holiday since then and still looks great. The days I don't wear it are much rarer than the days I do. So thanks for something awesome.

    Great to hear you're back with new products - the bar bag looks like just the thing I've been after.

    A custom query: I've been after a replacement Carradice, as mines looking a little worse for wear. If I was to send it to you, would you be open to cutting it up, and templating from it for a bespoke order? Be cool to get it in a matching finish to the bar bag.

  • So great to hear,

    I'm sure I can help you out with that, would you like to chuck me a PM on here to discuss it further?

  • Glad to hear you are back making stuff again - love my mini messenger and daysack, though they don't get as much use since I've started putting everything on the bike :-)

    It would be great to have a gallery of all the colours you have available, quite a few in the list don't seem to be pictured as products and one person's teal is another person's aqua or something.

  • Completley understand, theres many products which have never been made in said colours, I should setup a colour swatch page on the site though. Always happy to send samples if you're interested in a particular one!

  • Hey Jordan - glad to hear you're back, just this week my partner mentioned how fresh my six-year old daysack looks.

    I wanted to ask, do you do modifications to existing bags or is that not possible? Seeing some of the different pockets, webbing etc. has got me thinking.

  • Good luck! Love my rando bag - has taken an absolute pummelling over the years and just keeps coming back for more!

  • Honestly, the cost of shipping it both ways, having to remanufacture it so it doesnt just look bolted on, you'd be well over halfway to a new bag if not more.

    Obviously theres levels of sentimental value, but the bags do sell well on the used market here, if you ever did fancy it. Always happy to do custom, especially for loyal customers.

    I'm always amazed at how fresh they look too. The liners tend to take a small beating with grime but the outers just last. Some people like patina, but in a backpack i'd rather it didnt rub through.

  • I go swimming in a lake near home and have a bag-for-life that I pop in the box on the front of my bag. Do you think you could make me something that fits perfectly in the box and has some drainage holes on the bottom to let water out? Zip-up compartment for keys and headphones?

  • Most definitely! If you chuck me a PM with some details I can come up with some ideas for that no problem.

  • Whatever happened to the mini panniers?!

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For Sale: Bags, Pouches, etc. For you and your bike - custom work too!

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