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  • I’ve been looking into pottery wheels for a while and both the bank and my wife have said insufficient funds. So it seemed viable to make one. How hard can it be people have been making pottery since Roman times.

    Some preliminary sketches.

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  • Also bought a couple of bearings. The one on the left is to hold the shelf in place that connects the fly wheel to the plate at the top where the pottery will be made.

    The bearing on the right will sit below the fly wheel set into the framework of the wheel.

    I’m thinking the fly wheel needs to be about 30-50kg. Which unfortunately limits how mobile this will be. But it should keep the wheel spinning for longer.

    Any tips and advice welcome

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  • No advice or tips, but following eagerly.

  • Fun project!

  • Dream project!

    I was eyeing up some ebike parts with the view to make some kind of zombie bike pottery spinner. This is will be much better

  • I’ve managed to grab some wood today and wire to reinforce the cement connection to the shaft.

    I’ve got a tray to use as a mould for the wheel but need to use it again so I’ve read that if you put some veg oil on the surface the cement won’t stick.

  • This is awesome, just curious why kick wheel and not treadle or motorised?

  • It’s a subtle blend of no money and no skills.

  • This is looking for a home if useful;


    Did have plans to fit to a pottery wheel that had a burned out motor, but not enough room (inside or outside). All yours if you can use.

  • Thanks for the offer it’s very kind. But I’m near Cambridge so it’s a bit of a trek.

    The motor with a foot pedal wouldn’t be a bad shout but I’m not there yet. Hobby is still in its infancy.

  • Apologies. my methods are crude and my photographer poor.

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  • That wire mesh was then attached to the shaft with wire to reinforce it.

  • this project looks amazing!

  • Let’s not get too excited, plenty of time for me to cock it up!

  • Went to check progress so far and the bloody shaft is spinning in the cement.

    If I drill a whole in the shaft and put some rod through it will it weaken the shaft?

  • The shaft look sturdy enough to be drilled, go for it.
    Cool project, keep at it.

  • Well, this thing isn't going anywhere soon, if the fancy takes you in the future.

    ...Really enjoying this project, bravo!

  • The new plan is to drill two holes and push some 6mm rod with chicken wire attached and redo

  • It would be worth mixing in fibres to help give more reinforcement and stop cracks.

    Also if you can get the bulk of the mass around the edge of the wheel it will help with the flywheel effect

  • After some mucking about I’ve got to this stage. Two rods at 90 degrees and some fencing wired in place


    The mass around the edge of the wheel, that’s great advice. I’m not entirely sure what to put on the outer edges. I could add some stones I guess.

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  • This should explain about the fibres. https://concreteflooringsolutions.co.uk/­blog/fiber-concrete/

    There are a couple things you could do for the mass around the edge, either remove material from the inside or add more to the edge.

    I would add more. You could just mould a ring around the edge on top of the disc.

    Something might be worth considering with this is balancing the wheel, as it will probably wobble about the place. Flywheels typically have material drilled out of them or car wheels have weights added.

    No idea how you would go about figuring where you need to add weights to balance it though. Usually they use one of those robotic computer machines.

  • Pottery wheel take 2.

    I did a mix of cement in the cement. Then with the addition of some pretty small gravel filled in the outer rim of the mould.

    I gave it a good pad down with a small plank of wood to get it as level as possible.


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  • Fingers crossed it works this time.

  • Here’s to hoping.

    Next part is to build a frame to house the wheel. I’ve got a couple of ideas. But going to go for the simplest, most stable. I might put some wheels on the side and a handle on the other side to move it around

  • Wood drill bit finally arrived. So I can start building the frame now.

    I’ve got some old pallet beams so will try those as a mock up.

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Pottery kick wheel

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