Joe's Mixed Bag: Ridley / Kona Honky Tonk / Merckx Strada...

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  • After work beer/fettle on the DMR. Madera BMX cranks robbed from my BMX. Profile 39t chainring... getting ready to ride. After I've popped the back wheel in tight judging by my own picture!

    And a nice optic added to the work bikeshed, emergencies only!

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  • DMR Sidekick just about there. Built to be a big BMX/exorcise some teenage desire. Just a back brake for now, should be enough for cruising about. Just need to look out my DCs and chain wallet...

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  • Looks so fun

  • Yeah the test ride was cool, easy to wheelie and super comfy. Less fun was realising that using the limited work toolkit (big Park shifter) to nip up the brake hose after cutting to size wasn't adequate... popped the hose clean out the lever :-| I live and learn, first time working on hydraulic brakes.

    Getting the 3pc cranks lined up to clear the chainstays and play nicely with the chain device was also a faff, but took my time to space it out. There are plenty of trails and woods nearby so hoping to get some lunchtime rides in soon!

  • Productive update after a period of sulking/psyching up to repair. I got the Kona rear mech hanger straightened and the paint blown over by Argos who painted it originally. In my haste to build it back up (theme of rushing building here), I cross threaded the rear mech, enough that the jockey wheels sat out of line. Noted the rear mech and noted the carbon cage was cracked (bought from ebay). I bought Ultegra 6800 replacement inner/outer from SJS and installed to the body of the mech while still on the bike to check it wasn't a bent cage. Was not, so mech off and Park Tool M10 tap and cutting oil ordered.

    Undertook tapping the hanger with a friend watching and helping to ensure it was run straight - definitely do this as it is easy to run out of line. Frame clamped firm in a stand, plenty of time set aside. Cleaned out the threads with a toothpick then cracked on. As soon as the tap bit I backed off half a turn and blasted with cutting oil. Took my time with it and fortunately had a good outcome. Refitted the mech carefully and it was square - phew!

    Cabled up and took it for a tentative first ride - no shifting snafus thankfully! Bike rides really nicely, fast/light/responsive. No idea what type of bike it is now however, bastardised tourer with princess paint and road wheelset.


    • Paint job is very high quality but slightly terrifying to use the bike ad it chips easily. In reality, wish I had just buffed back the rusty bits and touched up to prevent it spreading so the bike could be more useable!
    • Top tube graphic is a touch big, downtube a touch small. Bit of a gamble having my own made, but still really chuffed with how it looks.
    • Genesis Equilibrium fork is a bit fat for the frame. I still have the P2, so maybe one day I'll get that sprayed to match. Also it's for an integrated headset so has a gross flat bit at the top. Was £50 new however, and significantly lighter.
    • 7900 downtube shifters are snappy! Shifting at the back is instant, and smooth friction shifting at the front. Glad I kept the original novelty of this bike by stick with downtube shifters.
    • Always always clean threads up to the nth degree before installing parts and chase with a tap if you can. Gives you peace of mind!
    • BDHU, and probably swap the -17 stem for -6 to match the top tube.

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  • i want that fenix

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Joe's Mixed Bag: Ridley / Kona Honky Tonk / Merckx Strada...

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