Hedging against future inflation rises.

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  • Oh god same, same

    Although actually more. In part because I already had bought wheels, and mainly because I wanted to pick each part.

  • Just found it and this is now one of my favourite threads.

  • Me before before buying the bike: 650b is stupid, just get 700c, the added rollover compensates for any smaller airchamber suspension.

    Me after buying the bike but before riding the bike: 650b is stupid but I guess it looks cooler and that's the main thing.

    Me after riding the bike on a bike path for 20 minutes: Hhehehe.....monsta truk...

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  • i love this for you, looks great

  • very nice

    if you feel like there is a LOT of overlap between this and neutrino, I am ready

  • I think I need bigger tyres for mine!

  • Early morning ride. Bigxtop bag is alright, might give me enough clearance at the bottom to mount my light but I do feel the cables are a bit crushed. That's kind of the price of entry for handlebar bags though.

    I think I can finesse contact points a too, 46cm butanos probably a bit wide for me, could switch to 44 or 42, whichever comes up first. Partially a comfort thing and partially I think I just find the gravel bro wide arm silhouette kind of embarrassing.

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  • Have taken the bike with me on a family trip to Cornwall and managed a few outings. GRX 10 speed gearing (46-30 with an 11-36 on the back) feels good, possibly bolstered by slightly smaller diameter wheels [Citation needed]. I would appreciate a lower bottom gear if I was loaded but I've bought all this crap now so I'm unlikely to change it. The bigxtop bag also works really well, very impressed with it and surprised it doesn't get more press, my only feedback would be that the side pockets should be stretchy mesh instead of regular fabric.

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  • Evening ride that got out of control and off track. I need to fit my light.

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  • Last week riding around Cornwall I nearly started to believe that expensive rims, tyres, steel frames really made a difference. The whole bike felt like it just wanted to keep going.

    But I now realise this feeling of endless energy was just caused by the fact I hadn't been to the gym in a week and all bikes actually ride the same.

    I would not say that I find these tyres at 20 PSI particularly revelatory on baked hard east anglian bridleways compared to say, 700x38 g ones. Also the low BB on this does make more technical and tussocky trails quite frightening. I'd like to try some 700x48 tyres at some point, which should also raise the BB a little. If they turn out to be better I guess I'll have to buy another wheelset :|

  • Getting my money's worth from the internal routing here. Big x top bag is very cool but can't find a way to attach it to this rack and not enough space when it's fitted to use the dynamo light on the mount I have so running it like this for the moment.

    I think a combination of one of those bumper type stem mounted racks and a different light mount would allow me to go "rackless" but I kind of hate those thingums. Would rather use the front rack and find a different bag. I'll move the bigxtop bag to my mountain bike.

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Hedging against future inflation rises.

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