TNRC 2022 - Last fixehs in LDN

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  • But, but, but.... I don't ride my sweet fixeh to work, the commute is on a retro MTB monstrosity with a basket, I have to lug a heavy work laptop around, the dog ate my front brake, I'm just a lazy shite... I could keep going on and on with the excuses, really!

    I'll do my best to make it next Thursday :)

  • Oh fab well no excuses then! Will hopefully be free for the next

  • Well, next Thursday was but a suggestion, we'll have to see what the Committee decides.

    In the meantime, be sure to read the Ride Protocol and we'll see what transpires.

  • Lurker here, I would definitely be interested but unfortunately can’t do next Thursday.

    Also I’m SS rather than FG but I will try to follow the protocol despite this…

  • There's definitely been a mix of drivetrains on the last few rides, I wouldn't worry about this too much

  • This is all very encouraging, what route are you thinking @rhowe? Chingford would be a nice introduction route, tho Potters Bar would be good too.

  • I was thinking E4, mostly because we did PB last week. There's also the Cheshunt route or even Killing me Softlea.

    Yes they're all North. Yes I am selfish

  • I am out of town this Thursday unfortunately, but this is a good call @rhowe . Hopefully this goes ahead…

  • If anyone's around Highgate tomorrow evening...­

  • What about Thursday 18th? Cheshunt? It's pretty flat overall, with a couple of the Potters Bar climbs and a stinger towards the end?

    Pub at the end is... adequate. Trains to/from Liverpool St.

    If people are really struggling there are options to bail at Hertford and Bayford.

  • fine with me..*

    *extra clothes and/or a lock required for that pub

  • I might be in Glasgow but if I’m not then I’ll find another excuse.

  • Train strikes forecast for Thursday 18th...

  • So, no trains to either PB or Chingford on Thursday probably means no newbies ride, but anyone willing to ride out and try some alternative lanes around Potters Bar?

    I threw this together last night

  • Probably in for this, but I'll need to confirm tomorrow.. #Ikea

  • Might not be too wet

  • Urgh, sorry I was being overly optimistic. I'm not going to be able to make it I'm afraid. Next week?

  • Sit on my arse for a week? Can do. Unless you fancy a recce on a non-thursday?

  • Very sorry @rhowe but my childcare/work situation has gone to shit. I'm gonna be out of action for at least the next week.. :(

  • Sad, but needs must I guess

  • Anyone feeling up to a season ender next week? Thu 3 Nov? Potters Bar?

  • Might be up for the end of season awards if they’re the same night

  • I'm not sure anyone warrants an award this year, except maybe @cagimaha and @rhowe for valiant attempts to keep this thing going, but we'll definitely wheel out a tiny trophy for you if you make it!

    I lurking hard on this idea btw @rhowe . Work is almost certainly going to be a PITA on Thursday, but if I can swing it, I will..

  • There's a good chance it'll be damp if that helps you decide

  • Blimey you weren't kidding - but based on today, work is inevitably going to rule me out of this half-plan regardess I'm afraid.. :(

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TNRC 2022 - Last fixehs in LDN

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