TNRC 2022 - Last fixehs in LDN

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  • Is there even anyone left in/near London still riding their sweet fixeh bieks?

    Do you like fig rolls, terrible pints of "mild" or "rhubarb cider", being heckled by the regulars in a provincial Wetherspoons and crying into your stem after two pints and no food when someone decides to smash it off the front on the A21 back into town? Then these could just be the rides for you!

    We're a bit later to this than is traditional - BST is approaching so Surrey Season Opener next week?

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  • Freewheels accepted or will I be shunned?!

  • I'll definitely make a few of these!


  • I need to be home to play doctor for a bit longer yet but I'll be with you as soon as I can

  • I'm unfortunately going to be drinking beer and riding bike in Flanders next week. But will be keen as it looks like there might be summer this year. And I'm thinking of getting the train more now that they back to normal, the rides out through rush hour traffic were putting me off. Stick to just a good dose of lanes

  • Freewheels definitely accepted!

  • Excellent work @cagimaha I was hoping somone would get a 2022 thread up and running. Not sure how many I'll be able to make this year but fully intend to make an appearance if I can.

    Worth posting a link to the "Ride Protocol" for those new to the game, but bottom line is pretty much all welcome, with the emphasis on having a nice bike ride and a nice train ride.

  • Oh, and I definitely won't be doing Surrey but YOU definitely should do it.

  • Yes, good work @cagimaha . Next week is looking problematic for me unfortunately (i'll have to confirm nearer the time) but I should be up for most of these..

  • @middleofnowhere thanks for the link! Indeed a timely reminder and look forward to seeing you on a ride.

    If it's not good for people next week could do the season opener the week after if that suits any better?

  • Interested!

  • New to the site. Can I join in?

  • All are welcome, see the ride protocol in post #7 to avoid mismatched expectations!

    TNRC/ThNRC/WNKR is the best ride series, hands down. It's always warm with a tailwind too.

  • I was just about to say don't move it on my account (although yes, that would be better for me).. but then I saw The Weather Forecast and figured it might play a big factor regardless.. (hail, rain, wind, frost)?

  • Yeah Surrey hills in that weather on my own really isn't the season opener I was hoping for! Anyone keen for the 7th?

  • got a preview of the route for recent arrival? i'll likely come along

  • Most routes are in the ride protocol link above. They are not linked as the forum embeds routes and then the page takes ages to load and difficult to use, so just cut and paste. This is Surrey...

    If you don't fancy the hills the following ride will be somthing flat and probably to the north of London.

    When the powers that bee settle on a plan they will post it up as an event with all the relevant details and a load of in-jokes to scare off the newbies. Don't be scared, sign up, we are all (except for me) lovely people.

  • thanks! standard fare then. pretty in-line with when i fell in with the bostonfixed group in '09. looking forward to being a noob again.

  • Right, clearly this needs a bit of a kick up the arse, so here's my proposal...

    This week, i.e. 7th April, i.e. day after tomorrow, the trad Surrey season opener...

    I do hope somone does this but I know IKEA is calling.

    Anyway, with that tradition rubbish out the way we skip the potential train nightmare of the Easter weekend and look to Roydon on the 21st...

    Any questions? No? Good, now go sign up.

  • I'm not going to be able to get a Surrey-appropriate bike ready by tomorrow (struggling to get a front brake back on, and other one has not been used since PBP in 2019). Am down for Roydon though.

  • I have a bike, I lack the legs

  • How quick these rides are? I've started dying right after 60km during the last HDIJ, so I guess these rides should be spot on!

    Keen and got a half-decent flat bar fixie. Probably, I will try to join Roydon one.

  • TNRC is less smashy that HDIJ I'd say - better weather as well so you should be fine. Its a smaller group which is nice too.

  • You should come to the Welwyn one when I have the road bike out

  • 17 mph avg.

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TNRC 2022 - Last fixehs in LDN

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