• This is pretty much finished. I took it for a ride and it’s slightly too short in the top tube (although everything feels weird after constantly riding my Yuba Mundo cargo bike). Anyway, I solve that problem with nothing but the most semi-ridiculous stem I could find cheaply… a 130mm titanium stem. Not sure if I leave it raw, paint it black, paint it two-tone or paint a clear sparkle over it. For now I’m just going to use it.

    EDIT: I painted it all black with Plasti-Dip for now.

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  • Some finished photos. I really need to get some done properly.

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  • Please move the stem bag to the other side of the stem. :(

  • This^

  • Full set of colour matched hungry bags plz

  • Find a new white grip, add to the bike, finished product!!!

  • I would just clearcoat that and leave it. That's cool.

  • It took me three goes but I finally worked out that the alien thing ISN'T the back of a saddle.

    I was about to ask "where did you get that alien saddle, did you make that?!"

  • you need a silver V brake set and do different coloured arms.! (maybe)

  • +1 for leaving it like this

  • Well I installed it and it looks pretty average. It felt okay, but I swapped it for a 100mm Easton stem that looks 10x better and hopefully feels okay. I’ll keep my eye out for a 110-120mm steel stem with less rise.

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  • I could do this. Maybe. I’m not sure if they’re the same length, and then my Bianchi will have mismatched arms.

  • Took it for a ride today. The Easton stem is the perfect length. No issues except one chainring bolt is a touch too long(?) and hits the chainstay, the bar angle needed to be adjusted slightly and the grips need to be stuck again, But… big tyre single speed is fun!

    Hopefully I can get a friend to shoot some “proper” photos. Everyone I take doesn’t do it justice.

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  • Just superb. Love it

  • Absolutely perfect! Bravo!

  • Holy shit. Just discovered this thread. This is one of the best homemade paint shops I ever saw. Kudos for your patience. Looks great!

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ALBINI - Self-Obsessed and CX-y (The SSCX / Tracklocross bike I DON’T need)

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