Self-Obsessed and CX-y (The SSCX / Tracklocross bike I DON’T need)

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  • Look at using modern MX bars with a shim for the 31.8 stem. They come in 28.6, loads of options from OEM stuff that people have removed. A much cheaper alternative to the Stooge Moto.

  • Great project, it's like a Pompino v4 with better tyre clearance. Looking forward to the paint job!

  • I happened upon a cool Azonic stem that was natively 28.6mm so I got an alloy 28.6mm moto bar off eBay and bent it on the first ride.

    I came to the conclusion that the stem was way narrower than the clamp on a motorbike would be and that was to blame for the failure. Could also have been to do with the bar being a cheap unbranded one, think it was oem like you’ve been looking at. Maybe a decent renthal bar would be ok.

  • Stem is quite a bit narrower than a Moto clamp you are right but the gauge of the material there should be consistent through so enough to clamp on. Wall thickness tends to be greater on moto bars as well as the impact tends to be so much greater so in theory they should be stronger? I used 22.2mm moto bars for a while with a BMX stem fine.

  • Yeah I’ve used 22.2mm steel moto bars no problem and that’s what I make myself, I was surprised I’d bent the alloy ones, especially as I’d not done anything that I reckoned would have been damaging.

  • I’m still tossing up between what bar and stem.

    Considering getting a cheap 25.4 stem, a shim and 22.2mm moto bars. If I don’t like the bars, I’ll go risers. I don’t think I can do the short BMX stem.

    Unrelated, I discovered tonight that the frame takes a 29x2.0 Maxxis Grifter on narrow-ish rims.

    Decent clearance on the front, not too bad on the back, and the rear wheel was half way in the track ends.

    When I bought the frame I was hoping I’d be okay with 700x38. Was not expecting to be able to get a tyre this big in there.

  • Some pics with the 29x2.0. The rear wheel is slightly out of true too and it still didn’t rub.

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  • Also dug out this Fujita seamless saddle. Just need to shave all the pilling off of it and clean up the rails, but it’s NJS!

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  • Any closer to paint choices??

  • Not yet. Everything has been kind of put on hold for the time being. I have also ordered an electric Yuba Mundo longtail dad bike, so that has taken priority.

    A few things though. Found the stem I had in my parts bin. Wish it didn’t have the giant PRO logo on the faceplate, but I’ll paint over it.

    I also have secured some black Sim Works GetAround bars secondhand as well, so that’s exciting.

    Other not so exciting parts are some black V2 Oury’s and a knock off Spurcycle bell. Questioning as to whether I buy a black chainring as well. I thought I had a silver 42t that would fit, but I’m not sure.

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  • After a flash of inspiration this morning, I think I want to try something like this for the paint.­nted-this-insane-splatter-two-tone-holla­nd-track-bike/

    I don’t know about the splatter, but definitely the two tone.

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  • Well I have finally found some inspiration for this build. Life has been pretty non-stop, I’ve been customising my Yuba Mundo dad bike and cold wet weather has given me little motivation for this.

    Went to the local bike recycling place at lunch today and picked this stem up for $5. Might strip the logos off, respray it and cut some new vinyl decals and clear coat it.

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Self-Obsessed and CX-y (The SSCX / Tracklocross bike I DON’T need)

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