Self-Obsessed and CX-y (The SSCX / Tracklocross bike I DON’T need)

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  • So I rode up to a vintage mountain bike show & shine / swap meet yesterday, with no real intention of buying anything, just going for a ride, looking at some bikes and having a beer at a nearby brewery.

    Anyway, came across this at a stall. It’s a SSCX frame made by a company called Reid, who are known in Australia for quite a wide range of off the shelf below average to average bikes. Anyway, a few years ago they released this single speed CX bike. The tubing isn’t amazing, but it can clear 35c+, has mudguard and water bottle cage mounts. I’ve wanted a bigger tyre single speed for a while, and after a quick mental stocktake of what I have (and measuring the top tube with an app to make sure it fits), I decided to buy it.

    I also got a Thomson seatpost to fit from the seller and it came with some Sugino XD cranks as well.

    The funny thing is because I had ridden to this swap meet, I had no way to get this frame home and a good 30+ km to get home and it was gravel roads and stuff. I asked if he could drop it off at my parents where I was staying, and he said that was fine, it’s on his way home. Long story short, after further discussion, I discovered he lives in the next suburb over from me, so I collected it tonight.

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  • Despite living 14km from my “local” pub (the one I go to the most), I’m going to build it up as pub bike / something to rip around the local flat trails, which there is plenty of. I rode fixed for 10 or so years and there’s only couple of easy-ish climbs to the city that I don’t mind tackling with one gear, so I’m intrigued to see if I can get my single speed fitness back.

    Parts I have
    • Frame and forks
    • Seat clamp
    • Thomson seatpost
    • Bottom bracket(s)
    • Silver Mavic rims laced to Formula hubs (fixed / free rear) with 17t fixed and 17t freewheel
    • Ofmega Mistral track cranks (hopefully with a 42t chainring. I think I have one)
    • 700 x 38c Panaracer Gravelkings OR Specialized Sawtooth 42c if I can fit them on the back.
    • Tektro v-brakes

    Parts I need
    • Headset
    • Handlebars. Considering going down the moto / Klunker path.
    • Grips. Probably black Oury’s
    • Stem. Depending on the bars, I might use a BMX stem, but I concerned the reach won’t be enough.
    • Saddle. Not sure yet. I’m sure have something (Fujita NJS?) floating around.
    • Pedals. Might steal the MKS Sylvans and SÄG double straps from another bike and run plastic clips.
    • Brake levers. Shimano Deore. They work and they’re cheap.
    • Chain. Cheap KMC will do.
    • Bell. Rock bros Spurcycle copy will do
    • Mudguards (but I have two other bikes with full guards so this isn’t a priority)

    The paint is okay, but ugly and I don’t want the Reid logo. Thought about it as I was riding home yesterday and decided I might try crackle spray paint. A quick Google last night brought up this Crust and of course the MASH lava steel frame. Looking again today, I discovered that MASH just released the Slumworm frame a few days ago with black and white crackle, which I really dig. Although I don’t want a direct rip of that.

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  • Chucked in a front wheel with a 700x42c Specialized Sawtooth on it. This looks promising.

    Really hope I can fit the same on the rear.

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  • excellent

  • Ooh, been tempted by that crackle paint too!! Do you know if you paint the colour below as a flat colour first then the crackle over the top?

    42c is a great result, excited to see this come together!

  • This looks great, very nice looking frame. Never heard of Reid bikes but seems like a similar thing to Crust bikes - they make a bike called the Wombat which seems cool.

  • By the looks of things you paint the base colour and then the crackle colour. I’m not sure how it dries though, I’m assuming textured?­lzQ

  • Reid aren’t great, probably a step up from being terrible, but this might be fun.

    And yeah, I’ve seen the Wombat. It’s a derailleur hanger away from being awesome. I also have a 90’s mountain bike, so having a SS could be fun.

    This kind falls into the All City Nature Boy era, just a lot heavier.

  • Ooh, that’s a really good point actually, wonder if that means it would then chip easier too? Have you got a colour combo in mind?

  • Wanted the MASH nylon toe clips but I refuse to pay exorbitant postage from the US or Japan, so I’m going to get these instead for a lot less.

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  • Not sure of colour yet. I don’t know whether to do boring black and white or get a bit creative. I do like the idea of a pink/lavender (so on trend) combo as well. It depends on what crackle colour I can get easily. I also had a crazy idea of a white reflective base colour and black over the top.

    I’ll hit it with a few coats of clear after I paint it and hopefully that will protect the crackle paint.

  • Fun is more important every time in my mind!

  • Very nice. This looks like a good build

  • @M_V has done a fair bit of crackle paint I believe

  • I’ve done it a couple times yeah.

    I’ve not gotten a big crackle as on the mash frames and I also find it hard to get it to crackle consistently.

    I tried it on a bmx a month or two ago and it really didn’t work, I think everything was too cold so I’d say wait for a warm day to do it.

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  • That still looks pretty sweet! What’s the texture like? Is it super rough?

    Luckily we’re just heading into Autumn here, so days over 25°C are common.

  • Dug out a singlespeed wheel this evening and put the 42c tyre on it. Stupid cheap tube deflated as I was pumping it up, but I think there’s enough clearance to run a 42 on the back plus full mudguards front and rear if I want to. Which I might do. Which is awesome. The first photo doesn’t look like there’s much clearance between the chainstays, but there is and the wheel was halfway in the drop outs.

    Sorry about crappy photos.

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  • Tuuuuune!

  • It’s not super rough but it’s textured enough that I think you’d have a hard time sticking a sticker to it if that makes sense.

    I did zinc primer, the base and crackle and a couple coats of a pretty cheap clear lacquer and it held up pretty well. Because of the irregular finish you don’t tend to notice scratches as much as you would on a solid colour anyway.

    It’s meant to be the heavier you spray the crackle layer the more it’ll crackle but I dunno if I’ve really noticed that, it does seem a bit random what size of crackle you get.

  • Couple more photos. Disregard the stem, it’s a placeholder to keep the forks in there.

    No issues with clearance for the 42’s front and rear, even though both are slightly deflated. I’m seriously considering full mudguards now I know I have so much room.

    Still trying to figure out what bars and stem. Friend has a MASH stem, but that’s 31.8mm clamp. I also like the idea of Klunker type bars, but all the cheap ones (e.g. pit bike / motor cross ones) are 22.2mm clamp and will only work with BMX stems and I think the short reach will annoy me.

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  • And the frame has some okay features as well. The track ends look cool and the welds aren’t horrible.

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  • Love that it uses standard hardware for tensioning!
    Maybe get a 22.2-25.4/31.8 shim and use a longer stem with the moto bars?
    How wide is the widest bar you've run?
    I found that increasing the bar width offsets some of the decrease in reach.

  • The widest bars I have are Sim Works CowCow bars. They’re 750mm. Also have Sim Works Getaround. They’re 700mm, so I’d be looking at something around that width.

    The shim idea might work, I’ll have to investigate further.

  • Maybe see if you can get a bmx stem and moto bars second hand, or try on the bars you mention to before committing to something more expensive?

  • IMO just get a normal stem and cheap riser bars. The whole BMX stem thing is pointless if you don't already own one.

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Self-Obsessed and CX-y (The SSCX / Tracklocross bike I DON’T need)

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