• Hi all,

    I've given up on my longstanding idea to have a rim brake bike that can charge my phone whilst riding, for sale are a lighly used pair of dynamo wheels - Silver SP and Hope Mono RS and an unused B&M light (i've taken it out of the packaging and tested a setup, then put it back again...) and a gizmo that allows the dynamo to charge anything via USB...

    Wheels have done about 500km max, straight, true, smooth etc...

    I'd like £400 for the lot including postage within the UK

    Photos to follow


  • @Wadi2 you mentioned you'd be interested...

  • Yeah pretty sure I will take them, can I get back to you after work?

  • Yes of course, got a couple of meetings then I'll get some images up


  • I might be interested in the usb gizmo if you split (or Wadi2 doesn't want it)

  • Pictures - forgot I’d listed these!!

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  • I’d be interested in the wheel set if wadi2 doesn’t take them

  • still here is you want them?

  • What colour finish is the light? silver or black? If silver might be interested

  • It’s black I’m afraid

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  • I'm interested if BMoney isn't

  • Nevermind, GLWS

  • they are still available so let me know if you need any more info etc will also include the cassette and skewers

  • Sorry - I didn’t see your reply - what’s the freehub / cassette body? It’s probably not campag ?

  • It’s 11 speed shimano - cassette is 11-28 105, an 11speed shimano/Sram cassette will work with an 11 speed Campagnolo group 👍🏻

  • I see I see - I think this is going to be a little too complicated / tips the balance on me just upgrading my current hubs as I think I’d have to change the freewheel cassette (currently running campag 8spd). Glws

  • No worries, your current hubs - if running Campagnolo 8 speed will fit Campagnolo 9/10 and 11 no problem… it might be that the upgrade you could go for is the shiftset first

    you can get hope mono R/S Campagnolo Freehub bodies but don’t know how costly they are…

  • sold


Dynamo/Hope Mono RS on grey H+Son archetypes, 32h 3x, B&M IQ-XS and usb charger

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