• Few bikes for sale here:

    1/ Btwin Elops 100.

    Running nicely I think - this is my friends bike she wants something abit quicker. Nice lock up / pub bike with 6 gears and guards. Nice comfy upright position


    2/ Genesis Equilibrium 56cm

    Apex 1 x Groupset which is fine for London,
    Kenesis guards
    Pro seatpost / handlebars
    fsa stem
    Fizik vs saddle
    Gp 4000
    Shimano rs something wheels
    Supercaz bartape

    I bought this for my brother but he’s changed his mind and wants something else. Everything is running sweetly. Surprising how good apex is.


    Both collection in Brockley. I don’t mind pedalling them to you inside the m25. Or meet central.

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  • Genesis

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  • Genesis not pictured with pedals but could throw in some Road ones or flats

  • Would have been keen if the genesis was 2x. Glws.

  • dropping the Btwin to £90

  • Genesis down to £400 need it gone

  • Btwin being seen tomorrow.

    Genesis now £350

  • Silly price on the Genesis really. If it was my size I'd have ripped it off your hand. Underrated and ride very nicely.

  • think i'd like the Genesis, pending a few questions can collect tomorrow - PMd you, cheers.

  • Hi - is the btwin still available?

  • Sent a pm for the genesis.

  • Its gone on an extended test drive. Will report back.

  • Thanks @Thrasher. I'm interested in it if it comes back 👍


Btwin Step Through (£90) Genesis Equilibrium (£350) - Sold

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