Anyone fancy a f…? - Ukraine charity stickers.

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  • Mine also arrived. Thanks!
    I put one on my backpack and already had some random people in the streets asking me where I got it. :-)

  • Not sure how long it will last on a backpack, but good effort!

  • By the way if anyone has not received stickers then I need to know asap. I need to sort all the money and donate it.

    Current total is around £500.

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  • Huge delay in any updates, sorry about that. I have had £500 sat in my spare current account for weeks and weeks now. I was waiting for local donations to accumulate, and to be honest it slowed right down.

    I had contacted Save The Dogs .eu but they have not emailed me back.

    Since the conflict is ongoing, in some ways a delay in sending the donation isn’t a big problem I don’t think. It just means that the money will help now that first wave of fashionable donations will be drying up.

    So I’m trying to organise a different Ukraine-helping charity to donate to. I’d like to keep it animal oriented, but I may be willing to direct some of the funds toward sapien species if necessary.

    Sorry that it’s been so slow to get the money donated. It’s been a busy few weeks!

  • Don't suppose you have a spare 'c' floating around? Although I quite it...

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  • could I purchase please :) ?

  • Bit of a dredge, but have you any of these left?
    I need some to accompany my NAFO set that arrived today :)

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Anyone fancy a f…? - Ukraine charity stickers.

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