THREAD UPDATE: included some extra parts, see the end of the list. Also updated existing parts with some pics. Apologies to those still awaiting pics for some of the items, I'm gradually getting through everything there and should finish soon.
    2ND THREAD UPDATE ON 12/3/22: more parts added, included Dura Ace chainset mentioned below. Think that's it now:)
    THIRD AND FINAL UPDATE On 20/3/22: new parts update including track chainring, more freewheels and track pedals. See end of the list. Also added pics/description info and prices for the existing stuff where this had still been missing (phew!).
    Nb as I continue my clearout/fundraising effort, I've decided I must list a second bike- this time, a 90's Bob Jackson tourer in 56cm size. Please check the complete bikes forum if this sounds like your thing.

    PRICE DROPS UPDATE: small price drops on most parts, see below.
    Please note that the dibs placed on the wheel covers, Mavic wheelset (x5) and SR chainset are now cancelled, so this stuff is now totally available again.
    2ND PRICE DROPS UPDATE: more small price drops, see below.
    FINAL DROPS UPDATE: more small price drops- but please don't expect further reductions seeing as everything is to go to evilbay after this.

    Hi all,
    I'm moving house so am clearing out a good bit of unused kit whilst raising funds to put towards the costs. It's all track/tri/timetrial/single speed stuff, as this is what I have most of, and I like my sales threads to have a theme:) And the kit is a mixture of modern and vintage, with some quite interesting/hard to find bits included. Now's your chance to get your bike souped up and get into training for the new year's tri/tt season:)
    I'm putting together the thread slowly and will be listing the majority of the stuff with minimal details (and some without pics) to start with, so please bare with me or ask questions if you need more info immediately.
    Prices not including postage. Collection is welcome:) Dibs then PM please.

    Paypal gift is my preferred payment type. Royal Mail's standard 2nd class rate is £3.20, so this is what you'll be paying unless you ask for a different service. Possibly cheaper if it fits inside a letter envelope, ask for price. If you can collect then it will be from NW London. Forum donation will be made if a fair bit of stuff goes.

    I'm also shortly be including a second set of bar end shifters, but these will be 9 speed. Plus an exotic set of carbon Zipp shifters once I can find them. And a single speed Truvativ chainset which has also gone astray. Watch this space.

    MDT 57 Tooth Time Trial / Triathlon chainring
    Used but pretty excellent (It has possibly 100 miles of use) with only slight scuffing on the front. Solid 'aero' design. Manufactured by MDT. Products in the U.K, so top British engineering. Made from SO7-1021 Aircraft Alloy. Very Stiff -3mm Thick. The teeth will fit 3/32" chains. 130 BCD - 5 Arm Fit ( Shimano etc). This is the Single Ring Special tooth profile type to stop the chain in shipping without a front Mech.

    ITM bar end brake levers
    Also very nice condition for these. A couple of light scuffs can be seen. All threads are good and pivots are still very tight, without play.
    £10> £8> £6> £5

    Deda Velocita steel track bars with ODI track grips
    Pretty excellent condition with only the logos being not quite perfect anymore. Width is 42cm and clamp diameter 31.8mm. Super stiff bars, a bit like Nitto NJS steel bars and others.
    The grips have recently been fitted and I've only ridden with them a few times.
    £15> £13> £11> £10

    Ambrosio seatpost
    A seriously long aero seatpost which I suspect was designed for use with compact frames. I can measure the exact length if it's required. Condition is pretty excellent for the aero section and below this there's the usual marks from frame insertion. Has a 27.2mm diameter. All threads are good and there's no other damage.
    £20> £18> £16> £15

    Specialized seatpost
    Designed primarily for the Specialized Transition triathlon frame, but I would guess the aero profile may well work with others seeing as there are so many of these frames around with full aero tubing. I can let anyone interested have measurements for the aero profile. All threads are good and there's no other damage. The lower cradle part is not original but it's a standard seatpost part for certain designs and fits exactly into it's recess.
    £15> £13> £11> £10

    Cinelli Criterium track bars. Lovely classic track bars from Cinelli. Measures 40cm across c-to-c so for those less broad across the shoulders. These have the older Cinelli bar clamp size of 26.4mm, so require a suitable stem (happy to provide one if needed). Condition is pretty excellent with only slight scuff under the 'c' of the Cinelli logo on the centre sleeve. There's also tape residue.
    £15> £13> £11> £10

  • Spinergy Rev-X rear wheel
    The classic Spinergy wheel. For tub tyres. 700c size. Two of the carbon blades have taken hits at some point leaving gashes, but they have had carbon repairs and are now fully strengthened. There were also chips on two of the other blades which have been touched in by the repairer chap. The braking surfaces are starting to show wear, nothing too bad, hopefully this is clear in the pics. Cartridge hub bearings are smooth with no play and the freehub body clicks quite loudly. Wheel is in true and perfectly circular. OLN is 130mm so will fit most modern frames. The freehub body has shimano splines and fits 8/9/10 speed cassettes.
    £60> £55> £50> £45

    Mavic 195NE wheelset
    This is a wheelset I've included in the thread seeing as these are noticeably lightweight wheels thanks to their spoke count being 28 per wheel. They are standard, clincher fitting roas wheels, but it's the above reduced weight aspect which is why I'm inferring they're better suited to infrequent time trials/tri events ie not general road use. They also have the stealth look after having been destickered:) And they're basically unused and rims and hubs bear this out, with rims showing no wear and hub internals the same.
    Nb please be aware that the wheels are to be collected from Hendon, NW4. This is a little off the beaten track in London so please check about if a collection would be possible before getting in touch/leaving dibs.

    Mavic Monthlery Pro track wheel
    This is a vintage track wheel with fixed/fixed hub. The hub is a nice high flange Ofmega with similar looks to some Campag designs (even the track nuts look suspiciously v similar to Campag's distinctive looking own ones). The rim is one of Mavics better models with high gloss finish. So making up a classic track wheel. For tub fitting (can include one if required).

    Ron Kit wheel/rim covers
    Perfect for protecting nice vintage sprint wheels such as that above. The main purpose of these was protecting the tubs fitted which often had delicate silk sidewalls during transit. But nowadays they're considered more of a decotrative item, but obviously do still give protection from scuffs to carbon rims etc. Two of the spoke attaching clips have gotten lost, so I've had to manufacture two myself- see pics- by reshaping disc brake pad retaining pins!). I believe these covers to have been sold by the big past-times bike equipment supplier, Ron Kitching, who didn't usually sell kit rebranded with their own name, but were still associated with top race kit. So probably only using their own name solely for accessories like these covers, banking on their great association with all the various top level kit they distributed, and this certainly is a good selling point IMO:)

    Shimano Dura Ace cog and lockring. This is a 15t cog with matching lockring, although it's NJS certified unlike the cog. The cog is for 3/32 chains. The cog shows slight wear to the ano finish, but the metal underneath is unaffected. The lockring has no damage to its notches from removal.
    £10> £8

    Solida single speed chainset
    I reckon this to be a time trial specific chainset going by its chainring having the solid 'aero' design and there only being the one ring. The ring is 52t to get up a good speed. The teeth show minimal wear and all threads and tapers are good. British threads. The small snag is that the decals are largely removed from the driveside crank due to heel rub, and the left crank shows more noticeable rub lower down. A nice lightweight chainset for the right vintage tt bike.

    MKS Esquartz aero pedals with toeclips
    A pretty classic model from MKS with their original toeclips. These are in very nice condition with the minimum of scratches and will polish up nicely. All the bits are included except that one of the toeclip bolts isn't original but doesn't look too out of place. The bolt on the 2nd pedal has been modified so a screwdriver will unscrew it. All threads are good and nothing's bent etc. The bearings feel smooth and without play, although I can't check how much grease is remaining as I don't have the necessary dustcap removal tool. Toeclips are very adjustable and can extend outwards, whilst the strap retainer can be separately adjusted for fine tuning fit.
    Nb just uploaded new pics below taken after I've given the pedals a quick clean up to show them at their best.
    £30> £28> £26> £25

    MKS Quill 2K track pedals
    Again, a pretty classic pedal, this time being a track design. Really compact. And also have a nice beefy construction.Both have their original dust caps, albeit one is a bit tarnished. Bearings have been looked over and are in pretty excellent condition. The axles are straight and there's no damage elsewhere. Quality toeclips and straps can be included if required (see end of the list for an example).
    £25> £23> £21> £20

    TA single speed chainset
    Classic TA cranks paired to a whacking great chainring for tt use. 170mm / 57t 3/32" chainring. Cranks have the highly polished finish most notable not merely as a nice ano coating but rather due to the cranks bare metal getting a deep polish treatment that only TA appeared to have pulled off. There's little wear to the teeth and threads and tapers are good. I can include ta (specific fit) dust caps for an extra cost. And I also have the bottom bracket the chainset was fitted to, so this also can be included if required.
    £40> £37> £35

    TA crankset
    Another of these classic chainsets, this time with the unusual crank length of 160mm, so well suited to track use. In the same condition as the above chainset. I also have a compatible track chainring for the new owner (see end of list), as well as the normal 3/32" ones in various ratios- just ask. The TA dustcap aren't included in the sale, but contact me if you'd like to buy. I also have chainring bolts I can sell.

    TA chainring
    Another whacking great chainring, this time with the tooth count coming to 56. Very good condition with slight wear to the teeth. 110mm bcd.
    £12> £10> £8> £7

    Shimano 10 speed bar end levers
    Good quality bar end shifters which fit most aero bars. Great working condition, but cosmetically the alloy shows a good bit of water staining to the alloy finish.

    Shimano Dura Ace BS77 9 speed bar end shifters
    Excellent quality bar end shifters which fit most aero bars. Great working condition, the r/h ratchet clicks loudly (l/h is friction only). All threads are good. Cosmetically, the r/h shifter looks a bit more scuffed than the left.
    £35> £33> £30> £29

    SRAM Gripshift bar end shifters plus optional Syntace "TT Tri" persuit bars and aero bars and Salsa stem
    These are a pair of not often seen bar end twist grip shifters. These offer a nice a smooth shift, although obviously take a little getting used to if you've only ever used tradional lever shifters. They can be fitted to most aero bars which allow for them to be slid onto the end. I have tested these using the fitted cables and shifting works as it should and is smooth in operation. Indexing is for Shimano 7 speed setups. The Syntace persuit bars are fitted with matching Syntace clip-on aero bars that are fully adjustable. The original worn pads have been replaced with modern Deda ones. The persuit bars are fitted with Shimano 105 brake levers but I can remove these if not required and sell for a reduced price. Or fit the above ITM bar end/reverse brake levers for the same price. The overall condition of the bars package is good, although the paintwork is showing a few light scuffs. The salsa stem shown in the pics is sold now, but if one of this type is required, I can include a Raleigh branded one. It would also be for 1'' diameter fork steerers, so for vintage bikes. It's a fair bit longer than the Salsa one though, and also has a slight downwards angle. Details of exact extension length and clamp diameter to follow- I expect it would fit the Syntace bars though.
    Pics to follow.
    Shifters £15> £12> £10> £9
    Bars £15> £12> £11> £10
    Stem (Raleigh) £10> £8> £6> £5

    Specialized Carbon Fact aero forks
    These are forks taken off the earlier mentioned Specialised time trial bike. They've a very deep aero profile to give the max aero benefit. They're fully carbon due to they're integrated forks/steerer monocoque design. This also makes them very stiff. In very good condition with no over tightening to the carbon steerer and no other damage visible. Has a 1 1/8'' steerer.
    £25> £23> £20> £19

    Zipp/SRAM Vuka 10 speed bar end shifters
    These are a pair of exotic shifters from Zipp/SRAM (built by SRAM following certain spec requirements from ZIPP, I expect). They have the return to centre design to keep aero position and make shifting smoother and similarly easy like tapping an electronic shifting button. The shifter blades are carbon so very light and very Zipp:) These are some pretty top spec kit with a price of 300 when new. They have been well used though and the internals have suffered so they need to be rebuilt. There's a rebuild kit available online (SJS Cycles offer it for £22) and instructions I can forward to the new buyer. I was planning to do this myself but I've left the job for too long now, although I might be tempted if they don't sell:) They really trick out a special tt/tri bike.
    £50> £45> £40> £35

    Sachs 92 freewheel
    A 'straight through' corn cob freewheel suitable for those flat tt courses. 7 speed and 13/19 ratios, I think. Very nice condition, having had little use. Teeth are fine and there's no slop in the mechanism.

    SR/Suntour single speed chainset
    175mm cranks with a 4 arm spider. 44t 3/32" chainring. The chainring is by Ride and the teeth are good with little wear. The SS chainring bolts are Shimano branded. Threads and tapers are good. Some heel rub on the l/h crank. Chainring PCD- 104mm.

    Truvativ Touro single speed chainset
    A single speed specific version of this well known model from Truvativ. The chainring fitted is toast- I will replace with a good condition one in black for the new owner, with roughly the same tooth count. Although I'm happy to give them the old chainring if perhaps it's needed temporarily for gauging what size of chainring they're comfortable riding on. 170mm cranks. Threads and tapers are good. 130bcd.
    £20> £18> £16> £15

    Profile clip-on aero bars and Shimano 105 shifters
    These are a set of 90's Profile aero bars with bracket for attaching standard downtube shifters. At the moment there's a set of same era Shimano 105 7 speed shifters fitted. But I'm happy to sell the bars minus shifters for a cheaper price. Or possibly I have an 8 speed shifter I can swap with the 7 speed one for the full price deal. The bars also come with hardware for raising the pads in case the standard position makes your aero tuck too severe ie if your beer belly hampers you when you're down this low:) See final pic for the higher pads setup. I also have a set of the bars (same model) minus hardware which might be swapped for the bars in the above setup seeing as these offer a useful function in being able to extend outwards for riders with a longer reach. The set above aren't adjustable this way. The only difference is these are an older version with different logos which are slightly fading.
    £25> £23> £21> £20

    Cinelli Unicantor saddle
    A classic saddle in plastic so best suited to short distance racing like most time trials. Colour is peach/orange. This is in v nice condition with minimal scuffing. Doesn't feel flexy when ridden on (not too surprising!) but when it does get this way then there's a nose stretching/tensioning bolt on the underside to increase stiffness ie such as the Brooks saddles are famous for. A great saddle for the right bike, possibly a 70's Holdworth in team colours (orange).
    £30> £25> £23> £22

    Saba Premier Record saddle
    Another classy saddle by an Italian maker. Also a hard plastic design but in this case it's leather covered to give a degree of comfort/grip. It follow the Cinelli by its copying the perforated design, which helps comfort/flexibility a tad. Condition is very good with few scuffs to the leather and no rips etc. It still feels firm/not saggy when ridden on.
    £25> £23> £21> £20

    NOS Renolds Elite 1/8" chain
    A classic track chain for 50's/60's eras. This is NOS as can be seen by the original grease still on it/uncut length, although I don't have the original packaging because it isn't in pre-cut lengths (for individual bikes) but rather would be a bulk order for bike shops like how they did it back in the day. This chain is bombproof and was the fave chain for trackies back in the day, especially this Elite model, the top one they did. The Renolds company one of the stalwarts of the British cycling industry and alongside the MDT chainring listed above is a great example of British engineering (indeed, as it happens, this particular company are actually still in business today, although now making industrial chains). I have I'd guess a couple of meters left of the chain, so tell me the number of links you require and I'll cut a length off.
    £15 a length> £13

    Shimano Dura Ace EX 7200 DD aero chainset and matching 7300 DD pedals
    These are something a bit special and a definite classic 80s Shimano product, made even more interesting because this is some of the rarest Dura Ace kit around, comparable to their AX aero bars that also seldom show up. This is the best aero kit of it's time and has fantastic 80s/Shimano styling to boot. Although I should mention that the dedicated aero design is more famous in the Dura Ace AX range, but this chainset shares many of it's features but is subtlely different and so was given the EX suffix instead, and just serves to make the chainset rarer (especially as this component was the only one in the 7200 EX aero range, unlike AX). One of my favourite features is the DD (Dyna-Drive) oversized pedal axle compatibility. This allow the pedal/crank interface to be noticeably stiffer compared to the standard design, but also allows for the pedal's shoe contacting platform to be positioned around a centimetre below the centre of the axle, so making for a more efficient pedal stroke (I think this was Shimano's concept, anyway!). But what is certain is that the aero styling, and possibly performance, shines through every detail of the crank/spider/pedal design. The chainset is in pretty excellent condition, with just a couple of dinks to mar those excellently finished cranks. They have an appealing matt and slightly brushed, satiny finish which was hard to capture in the pics. They come with original one key release (self extracting) crank bolts and the original chainrings. These are in pretty excellent condition too and the inner ring is worth a mention due to it's teeth having shaped profiles to aid shifting, which I think was only found on the Dura Ace rings in Shimano's range at the time. All threads and tapers are good. Crank length is 170mm.The pedals are also in fine condition, although have the usual scuffs on the side. Bearings feel smooth with no play. I've not disassembled them but I'm sure they're easy to maintain. I'm happy to provide a nice set of Alfredo Binda toeclip straps, if the new buyer wants them. I can also provide a replacement for one of the toeclips of which the plastic it's made of has become slightly warped. I think it's an exact match but would have to check.
    For pricing this setup I've had to check on ebay and discovered that a fair few used sets have sold on their recently, in in around the £150-£200 price band, and sometimes with pedals selling separately for up to £100. So with this in mind I've decided £150 is fair. And these also come with the bonus that, for an extra cost, I'd be able to provide a same era (possibly matching) Dura Ace bottom bracket which should allow you to set up the chainset with Shimano's recommended axle length to achieve the perfect chainline (details from the Velobase site) although I'll have to check exactly which BB I have and its axle length. Im also fine selling the chainset separately from the pedals, if for instance, the new owner wished to use alternative pedals to mine. This would be possible by using Dyna-Drive converters which allow standard 3/32" threaded pedals to be used, and these converters are fairly easily available on ebay etc and for quite reasonable prices.
    £150>£140> £130> £120

    Sachs LY95 8 speed freewheel
    A 'straight through' corn cob freewheel suitable for those flat tt courses. One of the rarer (especially with its ratios) of these Sachs freewheels with it being 8 speed. 13/20 ratios. Very nice condition, having had little use. Teeth are fine, barring chrome flaking off a few on the outside cog. There's no slop in the mechanism.
    £30> £27> £25> £24

    Suntour Alpha 6 speed freewheel.
    Another straight through, corn cob freewheel, this time in 6 speed flavour. Ratios are 13/18. This was one of Suntour's top models so it's a nice piece of kit. The mechasm has no slop and still clicks loudly. The teeth show slight wear to the chrome but the teeth themselves are fine. They're specially profiled for smoother shifting, not seen on the more basic models.
    £15> £13> £11> £10

    SR 200AL track pedals no1
    A pair of excellent, pretty classic vintage track pedals. A really solid design with tough bearings and a well put together, squat little body. And my examples are also in virtually unridden condition. I've just looked over the bearings and they still had the original, clean factory grease there, so this confirms the above IMO. It was beginning to dry up though, so I've now added some new grease and they're ready to ride:)
    A pair of these pedals in similar, used condition to mine has just sold on Evilbay for £75. The prices on there can be milking nice kit a tad too much, so I hope peeps find mine a bit fairer. BTW for a small extra cost, I can include new looking vintage toeclips and leather straps, just ask (see end of this list for an example).
    £40> £37> £35> £34

    SR 200AL track pedals no2
    And here I have a second pair of these rare vintage track pedals. These ones are a bit tatty compared to the above and have obviously seen some miles, judging from their appearance. However, I've checked the bearings over and there's little wear, although I've given them a full service as they needed it. A really solid design with tough bearings and a well put together, squat little body. I've priced them in comparison to the 1st set above, so should be fair. BTW for a small extra cost, I can include new looking vintage toeclips and leather straps, just ask (see end of this list for an example).
    £30> £27> £25> £24

    Sunrace 1/8" chain
    A v little used good quality 1/8" chain. Cut down to 95 links. It's pretty unused, although I've checked it with my chain wear guage just to be sure. Has a rust proof matt coating.
    Beer/forum donation, or free if buying anything else

    Vittoria Open Corsa CX folding tyre
    Quite a highly regarded 'open tubular' type of tyre from Vittoria. Super high pressure design, and excellent grippiness (320TPI). It's one for tt/tri events and if you pump it up to the max pressure then it had better be the shorter events:). Pretty excellent condition with loads of tread left and no cuts or sidewall damage. Size is 700c, width 23mm.
    £15> £13> £11> £10

    Tufo S3 Lite tub tyre
    A modern tub tyre from Tufo. This has a max pressure limit that's even high for tub tyres, so pretty impressive. Also v light- according to what's written on the tyre it tips the scales at 215g. Excellent condition and no noticeable wear showing or cuts etc. Stays pumped up at high pressure, so no worries about slow punctures. 700c size, 21mm width.

    Challenge Criterium tub tyre
    A modern tub tyre from Challenge. This is a training tub. Pressure can still go pretty high though. Excellent condition and no noticeable wear showing or cuts etc. Stays pumped up at high pressure, so no worries about slow punctures. 700c size. It doesn't say a width but my digital calipers put it at 23mm.

    Vittoria Competition Nuovo Pro R. T. tub tyre
    A vintage tub tyre from Vittoria. Can take up to 9 bar in pressure. Looks better than a training tyre as has a replaceable valve core which you only find on the better tubs. Condition is pretty excellent with no noticeable wear/cuts/sidewall damage, although of course it is still a vintage tub. Stays pumped up at high pressure, so no worries about slow punctures. 700c size. It doesn't say a width but my digital calipers put it at 23mm.
    £10> £8> £6> £5

    TA track chainring
    A track chainring from TA. 51t and of course for 1/8" chains. Near mint condition with just the faintest marks from usage showing on the reverse side of the teeth. 50.4mm bcd. Will fit the above TA crankset listed above. Happy to throw in chainring bolts for an extra cost.
    £20> £18> £16> £15

    MKS Team SVX track pedals
    Again, a pretty classic pedal from the 80s, and another track design. Really compact. Quite a pared down design but still a solid construction. Both have their original alloy dust caps. I don't have the tool for removing the caps but by spinning the axles the both feel smooth with no play and with grease still remaining. The axles are straight although the chrome shows some tarnishing. There's no damage elsewhere. Quality toeclips and straps can be included if required (see below).
    £40> £37> £35> £34

    Lapize NOS toeclips
    Unused toeclips I believe are NOS although I've no packaging with them. They have been stored properly though and chrome looks perfect. Size Medium. I have other toeclips in similar condition but in different sizes, contact me for details. I will include fitting hardware gratis, although it's not that the Lapize original stuff. Can also include quality straps for an extra cost.
    £7> £6

    Shimano 600 MF-6208 6 speed freewheel
    A 'straight through' corn cob freewheel suitable for those flat tt courses. 6 speed, 16/20 ratios. Very nice condition, having had little use. Teeth are fine, barring chrome flaking off some of the cogs. There's no slop in the mechanism.
    £25> £23>£21> £20

    Shimano 600 MF-6208 6 speed freewheel
    Another one of these Shimano freewheels. Its still close ratio but this time a little more spread out. 6 speed, 13/21 ratios. Very nice condition, having had little use. Teeth are fine, barring chrome flaking off a few teeth. There's no slop in the mechanism and it still clicks loudly.
    £25> £23> £21> £20

  • Dibs Solida single speed chainset

  • Hi there, love the niche track haul. Would love to know the measurements of the Ambrosio seatpost if possible. Thanks!

  • I’ll take the salsa stem please

  • I'd love to take the 195NE wheels if you'd be willing to post...

  • PM’d for 160mm TA cranks thanks

  • Is the Sachs 7 speed freewheel steel or alloy? Thanks

  • Thanks- time trialling was my discipline some years back, so I have a soft spot for much of the kit, especially the often quirky vintage stuff:) And some of it may have even helped me go faster, who knows;)
    Anyway, I'm actually still adding stuff to my FS list (due to add a Dura Ace AX aero chainset with matching pedals, plus Cinelli Unicantor plastic saddle in orange, plus...) but will try to get round to taking the measurement for you before the end of the day.

  • Sorry- it's steel. I didn't realise Sachs had an alloy model?

  • Honestly I have no idea!

    And Dibs please!

  • TBH I'm not super keen on posting any wheels seeing as I don't have a wheel box to do the job safely. It might still be on the cards though, but would prefer to let the thread run for a few days to see if someone local would buy them. Also moving house/packing, so pretty tied up with that.

  • Dibs subtour singlespeed cranks

  • 2nd dibs on stem and 1st dibs on the wheelcovers

  • Second dibs 195NE wheels please

  • messaged re: MDT ring

  • 3rd dibs 195NE wheels

  • understood - looks like you have a queue forming !
    There's some really fun parts here - If they're the ones you're selling you must have a fine stash!
    Best of luck with the sale and house move!

  • 3rds on the salsa stem pleazs

  • Any chance of pics of the Zipp shifters please

  • 2nd dibs on Solida chainset if @fixed_photographer passes.

  • unlikely 4th dib on Mavic 195NE wheelset, can collect :)

  • Sorry, I'm currently wrapping things up with the first dibs chap, although will let you know in the unlikely event he changes his mind.

  • Just now uploaded some pics, sorry for the delay.

  • Well it looks like a lot of it has come back in to style/science haha! Thanks very much! Think Id be able to use 21cm of aero post from post clamp to rails max.

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FS: modern and retro track tri time trial single speed clearout MDT Ambrosio Salsa TA Zipp Spinergy MKS THREAD CLOSED ALL NOW ON EBAY

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