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  • In regards to the power cable, what’s the worst that could happen if you simply told the managing agent to ram it?
    What action could/would they take if you just ignore them?

    Could you just nod and smile saying you’ll take care of it, then do nothing and repeat if necessary?
    I think leasehold things in England are a bit different to Scotland. It seems absolutely fucking mental to me that these jobsworth cunts can tell you what you can and can’t do with property that you own.

    Maybe the fun and games in the small claims court will give you an appetite for a legal challenge to get power in there?

  • Sadly, leasehold disputes go to big boy court (or tribunal at least) so you can quickly get shafted by costs.

  • Ah ok legal fees would be absurd.

    There must be other avenues to explore, EV charging is a very valid point. Maybe worth seeing if you could get any other neighbours on your side? They might yield to some sort of group action.

  • You'd have to be going some to overload a 13A socket if you're only running one tool at a time. Unless you're running a 2/3kw heater plus tools, then you could manage it fairly easily.

    Easy to work out.

    Current (Amps) = Watts of whatever you're powering / Voltage (nominally 230 in the UK, often closer to 240 but safer to use 230 for calcs)

    e.g. a 3kw heater = 3000 Watts / 230 Volts = 13Amp

    This is why you'll never see anything over 3kw with a domestic 13A plug on it, and why things like kettles and immersion heaters are very often 3kw, or close to it.

    So if you had a 1500w table saw and a 1000w extractor, you'd still be comfortably under the 13A, but you might find the spike from the table saw starting up is enough to trip an MCB/RCBO.

  • The garage door company has accepted mediation ahead of going to court, which I think will be interesting.

    I also now have (I think) everything I need for Solar Build v1.

  • My blood pressure went up just reading that. Sod crappy trades.

  • Looking good. Well done.

    🤞for you it all survives this storm.

  • Hah, I got the second panel stuck down this afternoon - around an hour or so before the storm howled through. I was at the window for the fiercest part hoping that I'd not see my panels taking flight. That was the most powerful storm I've seen here in the 12 years I've been in Forest Hill.

  • In hertz we've just had a second one roll through. Full on thunder and lightning.

  • Looks like two panels does go some way to mitigating the less than ideal shade situation.

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  • Move the one on the left into the sunshine?

    More seriously, I expect you've calculated optimum position already

  • Challenge is to have one panel in direct sunlight all the time, I suspect that probably means adding another panel, but we shall see. The shade situation is less than ideal, but I can't change it so - whatevs.

  • I'm pretty sure I've seen sun tracking mounts for panels that might be of use - although it looks from your photo like you need to actually have the panel track across the roof, which might be trickier

  • Challenge is to have one panel in direct sunlight all the time

    Given your battery capacity is that necessary? Wouldn't you want to maximise overall sunlight even if that means that at some times of day both panels will be in shade. Like putting two petrol stations next to each other

  • In the middle of the mediation at the moment, already given them an offer which I thought was super generous so of course they came back with an insult.

    Hugely tempted to say "well, court then", but I've made a counter offer. Twats.

  • Settled for £500 off the bill. Not what I wanted, but not what they wanted either I believe.

  • And balance paid. An end to that saga, which is a positive.

  • Seems like a reasonable compromise without too much effort on your part. Nice one!

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