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  • I have no paperwork yet, so it doesn't feel like it's real, but I have got an email from my solicitor saying that the paperwork is on the way, and I've sent the money, so it probably is.

    The two garages are on the end of the row, and there's an area outside garage 1 that has yellow hash marks painted on it, covering an area which vehicles don't (typically) traverse when going round the building.

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  • The big pile of cut branches comes from the roof, which still needs some serious attention, but is much less overgrown than it was.

    I will clear it back to the roofing felt, and for all five garages as unless I do that it'll just spread out again, and also as there's no power I will need to put solar panels on the roof which don't work optimally when covered over.

  • Left hand one (2) will have the car in/be storage, right hand one will be a workshop.

  • A proper garage is on my bucket list one day. I'm pretty fortunate to at least have a decent shed now that I can keep the tools and bikes in, but a decent 2 or 3 car garage is part of my dream house build.

    Is the garage in close proximity to your place? Definitely get some decent security in place regardless.

  • The photo of the roofs of the garages is taken from my kitchen window.

  • Panels as in multiple? How much power do you need? I usually see one dinky little panel on garages here.

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  • I've been chatting to a customer support/technical chap at a solar panel supply place and he says that you need to be careful as the inverters frequently take more power in standby than a panel can output during winter:

    "As you can see from this table, for five months of the year a solar panel of this size would not be able to even keep the inverter turned on with no load for 24 hours a day ".

    Now, there is a solar system offered by Hormann which runs at 24v and doesn't require an inverter, which looks like it might make more sense in some ways - but then I have no power for lights, or indeed anything else.

  • This is a 250w panel at my location:

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  • I'm hoping you go down the rabbit hole for the workshop of buying a mini lathe, a mini mill and then converting the mill to CNC
    So I can live vicariously through another Dammit no half measures CP thread

  • A lot depends on power, honestly. My current thinking is to have a small inverter with a very low no-load power draw to run the door, then a larger inverter for powering tools.

    But we'll have to see - if the managing agent allows me to run power from my flat then it significantly changes the game.

  • The solar powered TIG welder has not, to my knowledge, yet been invented. For use in London, in December anyway.

  • not sure if it would be an option but could you use a petrol/diesel generator to power the tools and possibly charge a number of leisure batteries to power the door?
    Not very eco friendly I know but if you can't get mains power there it might be an option?

    I had one in my narrowboat which could be used to charge the batteries when I wasn't sailing or plugged into mains power. Mine was supposedly a 'whisper' quiet one but still quite loud, but if you are using power tools it wouldn't be an issue

  • Set up a turbo trainer connected to a battery

  • if the managing agent allows me to run power from my flat

    Do you think they will ?

  • Hold on, cats with leopard fur?

  • I have two Bengal cross kitties but they're both stripey, sadly.

  • Been up on the roof at lunch time cutting more of the tree/ivy back, spotted that there's a junction box on the external wall that comes from the neighbours house.

    Given that I have nothing to lose I'll pop over later and ask them whether they would be open to providing power (as it'd have to go through a bricks width) to my garage, if I paid them for it - likely in advance I guess to assuage their fears that I'd be mining bitcoin or similar.

  • .

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  • they're both stripey, sadly

    It only matters how much wattage they can produce

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