• I slowly amassed this kit over the last 3 years, but just dont get it out as much as it warrants.
    Did a lot of reading on the 'best' all round setup for a small mirrorless camera with big SLR quality and functionality and this was always the top pick.
    The combo of the three lenses gives you everything, with the 16-70mm being a perfect allrounder.

    Just the lenses alone here are close to £1000 in value, are all in very good condition, if not perfect having only left their bags a few times.

    The camera body is immaculate.


    Even taking well used fair condition second hand prices as a guide, theres well over £1k of stuff there. New, north of £2k.
    This will give anyone looking for an excellent camera setup a DSLR beating package thats a pleasure to use and gives extremely high quality professional level images in a small and beautifully made body.

    I'll consider splitting, mainly just the E 16-70 lens, but as is always with the way i price, dont expect the economies of scale from the full bundle.

    Collection from E2


  • Am I way off the mark on this?

    Better off taking it to a camera exchange?

  • What is the reason for the 2 similarish zoom lenses, is one the kit lens?

  • It came with the 16-50 as a very standard off the peg lens, that to all intents and purposes will do a lot, and is very compact.

    However, I wanted just one lens that would do pretty much everything.
    From what I’ve experienced and from other review and comment, the 16-70 was exactly that.

    Other than where a hefty telephoto would have been of benefit, the 16-70 was incredible at most distances.

  • Hi. I might be interested. Let me get home and count my pennies. 🙏

  • Cool - pop me a PM later and maybe make me a sensible offer as I’d rather it go to a forum friendly!

  • Any help with the above? Am I way off the mark? Should I just go to LCE/MPB?!

  • Bargain!

  • Thank you, I thought so!

  • Last punt at £SOLD for the lot before I have to start splitting

  • Could be interested in the Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS if you do split...

  • Possibly interested in the lot, the problem is I really don't need it so I'm having to convince myself I do...Could take a while sadly.

    Ideally i'd only want the 16-70mm rather than that and the 16-50mm...

  • You know I’m always open to a sensible offer, especially for a loyal customer - pop me a PM with an amount that would convince you to get it done!

  • Unfortunately on this occasion reason has won over impulse, i'm regretfully out. If nothing else my comments have served to give you a bump.

  • sold!


Sony α6000 + Zeiss E 16-70mm F4 + Samyang F2 12mm + E PZ 16-50mm + LOADS of extras

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