Russian invasion of Ukraine

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  • Interesting point on this missile stuff.

    Kyiv: 50.4501° N, 30.5234° E
    Lviv: 49.8397° N, 24.0297° E
    Farm in Poland close to reported missile location: 50.4501° N, 24.0297° E

    is it a coincidence that the missile fell due north of Lviv and due west of Kyiv - or did someone enter in their cruise missile co-ordinates wrong.­5BU

  • The only reasonable take from this is that Ukraine needs to be provided with the latest and the greatest in air defense systems. We can't let Ruzzia freely terrorize the civilians when they lose on the battlefield.

    This is happening and my understanding from Twitter air marshals is at this point, Ukraine has one of the strongest air defence coverages in the world and Kiev is probably the second most densely covered area globally after Moscow, they are shooting down a lot. Still took for improvement but a very long way from bad.

  • Moscow is so heavily defended a German teenager was able to land his little plane in Red Square.

  • There will be lots of barcodes and identifiers on it so who shot it will be resolved.

  • Barcodes and identifiers are only part of the equation though.

  • They've had just the 36 years to make improvements.

  • There is a huge difference between who shot it and who made it. We may never know the truth.

  • Events in Ukraine suggest few improvements have been made.

  • That sounds perfectly plausible. Imagine if third world war starts because of some stupid error like that. You just can't make this stuff up. NATO would have all the reason to hide the truth. They don't want Belarussia drawn in even if Ruzzians had shot from their territory.

  • Yeah I think if this was the case, then the best response for the world is to de-escalate and claim it was an accidental defense rocket that caused it.

    You can see from Zelenskyy and his response that he doesn't want to give an inch to Russians, even it's better to just allow it

  • Russia to start building Iranian designed drones domestically under licensing deal­security/2022/11/19/russia-iran-drones-s­ecret-deal/

  • That’s one way to make room in the prisons…

  • No power and water in many places according to our guests. Our six month agreement to accommodate them effectively expires in January. They have been great guests and as such very torn as to what we do. They have been looking for rented accommodation without much luck and are considering returning home.

  • Where is home? Will it be acceptably safe?

  • The mobilized Russian troops “are just taking a rifle and walking right down like in Soviet times,” said another Ukrainian medic going by the call sign Smile. “He gets killed and the next one comes up the same way.”­/europe/ukraine-war-bakhmut.html

  • They have ran out of Ladas now and handing out towel sets instead. What a wonderful country.

    With all the horrible nightmares ruzzians have caused I would not really be surprised if we see Beslan type vendettas in the coming years. You reap what you sow and all that.

  • Sorry missed this. Ternopil Oblast, I guess it depends what the parameters are? They are from a small village so unlikely to be directly targeted I suppose.

  • Preliminary Lessons in Conventional Warfighting from Russia’s Invasion
    of Ukraine

    The full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has provided an invaluable opportunity to assess the capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (AFRF) and the implications of a range of capabilities for modern warfare. Many publicly made judgements on these issues have lacked supporting data or insight into Ukrainian operational planning and decision- making. To ensure that those drawing lessons from the conflict do so from a solid foundation, this report seeks to outline key lessons, based on the operational data accumulated by the Ukrainian General Staff, from the fighting between February and July 2022. As the underlying source material for much of this report cannot yet be made public, this should be understood as testimony rather than as an academic study. Given the requirements for operational security, it is necessarily incomplete.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

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