Russian invasion of Ukraine

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  • Perhaps he still has to serve, maybe join that wagner prison recruits outfit..

  • Wasn't that the Canadian compressor?

  • I'm wondering if all these Russian casualties intensify an already noticeable gender imbalance in their population due to earlier male mortality due to Russian economy being dependent upon dangerous manual labour and exposure to workplace chemicals + pollutants banned in the West?
    Also add on premature make deaths from drinking illicit 'vodkas' containing methanol.

  • No idea why Nordstream would have been sabotaged.
    But at least I hopefully wont have to look at Germans holding up "open Nordstream 2 now" placards anymore.

  • Russian media announce early 'referendum' count results with 'yes' votes in excess of 97%
    Russian media have announced early results from the four widely-derided “referendums” staged by pro-Russian proxy authorities in four occupied areas of Ukraine – Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson

    just 2% short of matching north korean elections which usually have 99% or so in favour of the ruling kim jong - x, something smells fishy to me ! it's almost like it was rigged somehow

  • Especially when there are reports going around saying some are refusing to get involved.

  • at least I hopefully wont have to look at Germans holding up "open Nordstream 2 now" placards anymore.

    Quite the contrary I think, you'll see a lot more of it. From what I am reading they damaged Stream 1, but left Stream 2 intact. This could force Germany to go back on their decision to close Stream 2. Russia would score a win in that regard, and then get around to repairing Stream 1 in due time. The process or repairing isn't that different from building the pipe in the first place, expensive but perfectly doable.

    Edit: I am now reading that Stream 2 is damaged too. But with one leak, as opposed to two leaks in Stream 1.

  • The C.I.A. issued a vague warning in June to a number of European
    nations, including Germany, that the two Nord Stream gas pipelines
    that carry natural gas from Russia could be targeted in forthcoming

    Some theories float around that it's Russians doing it to their pipelines first so when they damage some other pipeline from Norway soon, they will be like "can't be us, we got our infrastructure destroyed as well".

  • Also repairing it means you can deploy all sorts of naval ships potentially hiding subs etc?

  • You are right, I didn't think that true.
    But they will probably change the placards anyway to Biden something something.

  • I can't understand why do ruzzians want to destroy the earth. Its like they just want to drag us all into harmageddon with them. The natural gas emission has 80% more warming power in the air than CO2. All the other green initiatives can be thrown to bin until we stop this awful waste. We are on a road to total destruction of the earth. Somebody needs to kill Putler for the sake of the world.

  • BTW. Just looking out of the window in downtown Helsinki there are quite a few young wealthy foreigners walking around. End of September isn't really the typical time of the year for touristy things. I went to have lunch in a hotel on Monday and there are russians working remotely in the lobby.

  • If they do declare war, does that mean that they can use more of the air force, navy, etc? Throwing thousands of untrained men at it seems pointless but if they can mobilise heavier weapons that might change the game?

    They're already doing/have done this. Look at the Navy - the Moskva is famously the highest profile loss but there's plenty more:­ng-russian-navy-losses-against-ukraine-c­entury-after-tsushima-2022-6?r=US&IR=T

    Meanwhile the Air Force lost four planes last week:­22/09/24/the-russian-air-force-lost-up-t­o-four-planes-in-one-day-as-ukrainian-ai­r-defenses-advance/?sh=5f540dcf25b2

  • Canada was contracted to repair 6 turbines with a waiver of sanctions so as not to interfere with Euro energy supply.
    One was fixed but Russia said it didn’t pass quality control, kind of vaguely.
    The other 5 never came here.

  • Thanks for the correction.
    I don't remember the other 5 turbines being mentioned in the articles I read

  • While the views of Trump supporting conspiracy theorists should generally be taken with a pinch of salt, Tucker Carlson offers some plausible evidence of the possible involvement of the Biden administration in the sabotage. Russia State TV has been having a field day with it.

  • Hold up.

    Tucker and Plausible?

    Pinch of salt, actually just grab a whole jug of it and smash it behind you.

  • You can reliably take the opposite of anything that awful cunt says as the truth.

  • Annexation ceremony tomorrow followed by declaration of war to defend motherland.

    Good thing there are no distractions elsewhere rn.

  • followed by declaration of war to defend motherland


  • source?

    Not sure opinions need to be sourced.

  • Not at all. Read that the annexation will be made "official" tomorrow though so though the declaration was as well

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

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