Russian invasion of Ukraine

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  • That way you get to starve to death. I'd rather go in the first wave.

  • Ugh. You’re right.

    Was going to say something witty but got nothing.
    Hopefully humanity navigates this.

  • Reports emerge on some protests but mostly consist up to 100 people. Soon to be arrested and back to normal.

  • Regarding the conscription - I think they'll only manage to pick the saddest and the poorest ones, the ones that are not rich enough to be queuing in a traffic jam near Finland or Georgia borders or the ones that are unable to give doctor a bribe so they get a medical exemption from the army.

    And then all those unlucky bastards will go to a neighbouring country to fight against highly motivated, NATO trained soldiers, equipped with NATO weaponry and guided by NATO intelligence.

    This one here is pure gold and a great example how everything operates there - prank call for a son of Dmitry Peskov regarding the conscription - he will be solving this on "another level". :)

  • The prisoner swap for Putin's mate is not going down well with the Russian bloggers.

  • Putin's mate


  • Viktor Medvedchuk, Putin is his daughters godfather.
    I think he might have been made the puppet leader if Kyiv had fallen.

  • the puppet leader

    Yeah, that's my understanding too. Mind you, he may not be given a warm welcome in Moscow. He's probably one of the main culprits in feeding Putin bad intel in order to stay in his good graces, possibly bluffing in the hope that Putin would die before he got around to launching an attack on Kyiv.

  • Reports that people arrested for protesting the draft order are themselves being drafted.
    And that prices of airline tickets out of Russia have rocketed and huge queues are at border crossings heading out too.

  • Nice twist of faith there huh. Also means they admit it's a sentence in itself

    Read that Norway has cancelled their visas for russians too. I feel sorry for the individuals tbh, but on a country level this must be the beginning of the end for the regime

  • Your sentence is cannon fodder. They also have to find kit and someone to train them that isn't KIA.

  • More footage emerge on mobilisation. Waves, hugs, friendly pats on the shoulder and tears of course.­72863899934019585

    And the video is from Yakutia, of course - 8000 kilometers from Ukraine.

    I kind of understand why russians don't protest - they simply will get their shit beat up and probably spend some time in police station but simply agreeing with it and letting your loved ones go to a war? This is insane.

    And yesterdays protests? They simply stand and watch how police beat them one by one.

  • From twitter it looks like the caucasian Russians in western Russia are very happy to see asian Russians being drafted.
    Tuvans is one minority they really dislike.

  • Illegal to sell tickets to men of conscription age.
    Surrendering to the enemy is now a criminal offence.

  • Your sentence is cannon fodder


    edit. Got it now. I'm slow.

  • Watching that is grim. Have they got any idea of what they're doing?

    Watching that is grim. Have they got any idea of what they're doing?

    Probably not. I would presume many of these draftees are village men with little to no connection to the outside world and very little critical thinking as to why they get drafted.
    If all your news tell you fellow countrymen are being killed by nazis and your nation is under attack, i guess they feel it's their duty. Russians have a peculiar mentality.

  • Buryatia has had more deaths in the war than any other region, I would imagine word has spread of deaths and poor leadership there.
    I bet they don’t get a Lada though that’s probably just for those from Moscow.

  • Russians have a peculiar mentality.

    Something with this. I still can't comprehend how they'd rather send their family members to war than doing some serious protesting.

    We have some very distant relatives in Kaliningrad and from what I've heard the mood there is "if they tell us to go to war, we'll go - what can you do, eh?"

  • If every man protesting is being given a draft notice, I can understand the hesitation.

  • Depending where they live and how they live, their relationship with the news is likely to be they're only getting state sponsored news. So if you're told that the evil Ukrainians with support from the archenemies, the USA and NATO, are trying to kill ethnic russians who want to return to the motherland, it's probably seen as a war I don't want to fight but we have to, so off I go.

  • Not sure if his videos have been posted here before, but I like this chap's output:­PLo

    He's open about this 'main' channel being clickbaity, in the hope it brings people in to his other more in depth channels/videos about Russia and political philosophy in general.

  • Sometimes I have a little browse on the website and my word their take is depressing, more so than the RT propaganda that’s out there at the best of times

  • As with everything on the internetz, this may or may not be correct. But supposedly the Russians put a 27 year old in charge of a battallion. With full strength that would be 800 people.­73212236990107648

  • By that age Alexander the Great had conquered most of the known world tbf.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

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