Russian invasion of Ukraine

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  • I meant that anyone saying the wrong thing on line in Russia itself could face severe consequences. So people are careful what they say and may not display true opinions.

  • Russians are pretty knowledgeable as far as VPNs and using anonymous accounts go. So if they want to say something online they can. The thing is they get their social media fix from Telegram groups so not many are active in english speaking sites. Responses we see come from bots. I sometimes wonder if they send a Novichok package if you argue with them succesfully. Another phenomenom are tankies which can be just as irritating.

  • Not sure how strict the ban is - I have some Russian friends back from Erasmus days who live in Russia and keep sharing their life just as they used to. Using a VPN to post some selfies from a road trip is one thing but your profile is out there on the internet but I guess if they don't post or comment anything "special operation" related, they're safe.

    There definitely is a bunch of bots forming the public opinion via social media, though.

    I'm quite happy with this recent thing going on with Finland asking Russians to sign some papers, condemning the war, otherwise they're not getting in.

    I dream of going to an extreme of this narrative and not allowing any entry to any Russian citizen who want to enter the EU (unless you're fleeing for good).

    It's beyond my understanding how can a person go shopping to Europe while their country is slaughtering civilians in a neighbouring country and on their TV any country in the west is portrayed as an absolute evil. Why come here then?

  • It’s human nature to ignore, deny, and dissociate from horrible things, including those done “in their name”.

  • She loves Russia but prefers to be anywhere else.

  • In the end it's always average people who suffer the most.

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  • So seems it's swung from Ukraine plan large summer Kherson counter offensive to Russia plan huge new offensive from Zaporizhzhia to Kherson. Can't work out of this is just media reframing what's about to come or two separate events have come together

  • Maybe she could have a gofundme to hire her own private jet.
    Oligarch princesses can’t mingle with the serfs you know.

  • A Russian air base in Crimea 200-250km behind the frontline with 40 jets + helicopters pictured on the ground by a satellite only 4 hours earlier spontaneously combusted according to Russian news channels. Or UA have some new toys.

  • Perhaps somebody in US Army Logistics despatched some ATACMS by 'mistake'?­ATACMS

  • Do you have a link?

  • is this the longer range himars? perhaps they (Ukraine/allies) don’t want to talk about that as the ‘maybe’ means russia will have to reassess all their logistics/storage/bases that are in range, thats a huge logistical/operational unknown that will really fuck them up.

  • The on the record response was reminding Russian soldiers to observe no smoking signs. Yes they did that.
    Off the record to American press was it was Ukrainian developed and it was just the beginning.
    Black Sea fleet HQ is 50km south.

  • 💕

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  • The Ukrainian Defence Ministry cannot establish the reasons for the explosions near the russian military airfield in Crimea, Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar has said on Facebook.

    "About the fire at the Saki airfield near the village of Novofedorivka in Crimea temporarily occupied by Russia. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine cannot establish the cause of the fire, but once again reminds you about fire safety rules and the ban on smoking in improper places," she said.

    top trolling

  • Also unexplained explosions seen/heard last night at a Russian air base in Belarus

  • Saw a video of a harpooned Volvo at the airbase somewhere yesterday, must’ve been one hell of a blast.

    Found it:­s-burned-and-damaged-cars-after-explosio­ns-at-russia-airbase-in-crimea-145868357­883

  • The way the curvature of the car roof looks unchanged makes me think that the beam must have gone through the car almost parallel to the ground. I just can't imagine how.

  • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams

  • those explosions (whatever caused them) are surgical in their placement, they manage to blast into several revetments at once for maximum destruction of equipment, it’s certainly not ‘spray n pray’.
    whatever caused them will have put the shits up the occupiers.

    anyone see the woman (russisn) grizzling in a video while they queue to get back across the bridge? “we liked staying here”

    oh dear what a shame..

  • surgical in their placement

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

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