Russian invasion of Ukraine

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  • Lukashenko will blame any “revolt” on Polish meddling. It’s a thing they use to dismiss opposition.

  • ↑ especially good as it is a literal fascist on the left

  • Yeah, I would rather not be murdered by anybody.

    Anyways, the latest ruzzian strikes killing the little down girl are an act of horrific terrorism. Of course it is little peculiar how small Ukraine is and that same kid was in a xmas video with mrs. zelenskyja. If I was to do a psyops operation I would probably look for some cute kids in my social media bubble. Still the horrors can be true and I just hope Ukraine does not have to embellish things for the sake of more weapons. We should be arming them regardless.

  • it is little peculiar how small Ukraine is and that same kid was in a xmas video with mrs. zelenskyja

    Can you elaborate on this?

  • The girl had a down syndrome and the mom was kind of an influencer mom on social media or something, maybe that's how the girl ended up in a video with mrs. Zelenska.

    I hope the arming of Ukraine never stops. I also hope civilised world doesn't continue any business with Russia. They need to be cut off from the civilised world and the goods that the evil west and capitalism created.

    Of course it's bad enough to be born in Russia already but I hope our politicians can grow a pair and make their lives even worse like declaring everyone who has any ties with the government persona non grata or something so they can't simply come to sunbath near lake Como while still talking trash about the evil west.

  • it is little peculiar how small Ukraine is

    Perhaps I have missed your point but the only country in Europe bigger than Ukraine is Russia.

  • This is a fundamental misunderstanding of chance/coincidence. Not unique to you, it’s a human trait to look for patterns.

    There are any number of people who have/could have been killed in this war and there are any number of people who have/could have appeared in a video with a minor Ukrainian celebrity. The chance of overlap is pretty much certain - in fact you’d probably expect more than one. Each one is an opportunity for some dipshit to go ‘ooh that’s weird, what are the chances of that? Must be a false flag / psyops.’

    Individually, the chance of that specific event sequence is low but there are an infinite number of low-chance events, which means one or more is certain to occur.

  • Can anyone shed light on what Russia might be thinking, lobbing a cruise missile into Odessa only hours after committing to the grain export agreement? I know the agreement isn’t a full ceasefire, but what the heck?

  • Russia have denied it was them but said they will look in to when Turkey asked the same question as they act as the third party to the deal

    Russia got what they wanted, bhosphorous opened up for them to export grain and fertiliser, they couldn't care less about Ukraine so this week probably put some ships off from going to Odessa while being able to say they aren't blockading it and keep prices high

  • This assumes that Russia has full control of its military. Which it doesn’t in reality. Low level comrades are lobbing kit all over the place.

  • Ukraine armed forced hitting the 2 Antonivskyi Bridges south east of Kherson with a view to encircle russian forces north west of the dnipro. If those bridges go down, it is a very long way round for russians to leave or supplies and reinforcements going in to the city. I would be shitting myself if I was a russian soldier in Kherson right now.

  • For the person who has everything:

    Side note this is so dystopian

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  • That is fucked.

    It also lies on the edge of accountability for killing a person, although that ultimately depends on the jurisdiction. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone somewhere gets arrested for sponsoring a killing.

  • I regularly donate to an NGO that helps supply people in the front, sometimes they announce that a squad we helped "liquidated" this or that which is already surreal but this is on another level. Great idea to raise funds nonetheless.

    In other news - a very sad footage from some russian hospital. Soldier without arms receives a medal. Comrades cheer. Of course there's vodka involved.­osts/pfbid0p5ZoawQTSkxS6F8b14Zyz5UFfm7i3­Pux67HMUBDby55Gq19WRoCRF9bkgp8UpZbAl

    Goes into the same category with this video in which parents of a dead soldier bought a Lada from the compensation money they've received. Surreal. youtube

  • Renault sold its 68% stake in AutoVAZ, Lada’s parent company, back in May this year for 1 or 2 roubles. They sold it to a Russian State automotive research institute, with the option to buy back in 6 years.

    Guess who notoriously dips their hand in state-run companies’ profits? Hint: he’s the one sending young men to die in Ukraine.

  • Oh yeah, there's an entire fund for that.

    In the recital of the sanction decision, Office of Foreign Assets
    Control labled RDIF as a slush fund for Vladimir Putin and as
    emblematic of Russia’s broader kleptocracy.­rect_Investment_Fund

  • Some official, quality content.

  • Decent thread from Timothy Snyder:­/1550884611533770752

    The old communist joke went "we pretend to work and you pretend to pay us." In Russia today the reality is something more like "you pretend to win a war and we pretend to show enthusiasm."

    And this one:­of-the-russo-ukrainian

  • This suggests they don't even pretend to share enthusiasm, majority of Russians are now just bored of it/ apathetic to it going on­ul/30/people-are-turning-off-muscovites-­put-the-war-aside-and-enjoy-summer?

  • Yeah,
    Totally. I wasn't really saying it was a psyops strike, but just that if you were looking at it from the ruzzian side it could be perceived as such. If the ruzzians could actually do a false flag successfully thats how they would do it. Ukrainians are just so much more media-savvy that sometimes the stories look too polished.

    Anyways it must have hit really close to home for Zelesneya. It was really touching how the first lady commented on the topic. It is a small world and we are all connected somehow.

    Now all I want is to donate to a fund that captures all the war crime perpetrators. The business of blowing up Azov heros was just a cynical way to solve the problem of wavering domestic support for the SO. Now they can say that even if they lose they have killed the awful nazis.

  • I post pro Ukraine or anti Z tweets on twitter. Pro Z responses appear in minutes, sometimes almost instantly.
    Social media in Russia itself must be very tightly controlled.

  • 'Controlled' perhaps isn't the right word given that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc are all blocked. Any Twitter activity by Russbots is purely for the benefit (or detriment) of western users.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

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