• My trusty old Specialized Carbons, that fit my feet so well, have finally given up the ghost in terms of fastening strap.

    Does anyone have one (or more) of these straps sitting spare?? or could provide a pointer as to where I can buy these new??

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  • You can buy sidi replacement straps. They could work, even if you have to trim them. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sidi-Caliper-Bu­ckle-Strap/dp/B094NDJC2V

  • I saw Condor had these but uncertain they'll fit/work (as is is the ratchet spacing the same, is the width the same)

  • I have a spare strap and ratchet bought from Planet X years ago, can’t remember the brand but yours for free if you want to give it a try.

    I’ll take a photo tomorrow

  • Spare ratchets no straps though but I've just checked them on my Bonts and they work so others will probably work. Bont straps may be easier to find

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  • I saw Condor had these but uncertain they'll fit/work (as is is the ratchet spacing the same, is the width the same)

    Any idea on how the ratchet is fitted? You could always replace with something more readily available. I think Sidi ratchets are fitted using a single screw

  • Think i still have my spd pair so remind me this evening and i will take a photo .
    Top left

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  • @Retro_Bastard those bontrager straps look almost exactly the same!!

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  • Mine are Bont vapours not Bontrager
    Just had a quick Google and new Bont straps are really expensive £27 as they come as a full 2 strap 2 Ratchet kit. What size shoe are you?

  • Those look like the ones top left

  • Those old shoes of mine are 42 btw.

  • Close I've got some old super comfy specialized carbon pro roads in a 43 i could have sorted you out for cheaps

  • Found them wiggled one of the straps and its snapped right off ffs .
    So got one and two buckles i can remove from the shoes

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  • Those would be great. Do you want to drop me a PM and let me know what you'd like for them and I'll sort payment and address details

  • All off the shoes or just the parts ?

  • Are you selling all those shoes!! I thought that was just your personal collection :)

  • No not selling any .just the buckles from the black spesh.

  • Perfect. I'll take the buckles and the one intact strap if available??

  • Thats fine dm me about postage for next week.

  • Hi all, have a similar problem with my specialised carbons. Mine has snapped where the ‘anchor’ part is stitched into the pullover part of the strap. Can anyone help please! Pete W.

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  • What size are your shoes? I've got some old carbon pros in 43 I'm about to turf out. Otherwise many straps have the same tooth profile if you can find a cheap replacement single strap even if you have to trim the width or something like these have the ratchet buckles as well could be worth a try as they're cheap?

  • Thanks for your reply. My shoes are 45. Hadn’t seen roller ratchet before. My strap isn’t broken, it’s the stitched in piece which has snapped off. Hadn’t seen a roller blade ratchet before. Might be a good idea, although the top part which secures the wide end of the ratchet strap, looks big and maybe too rounded for the top of the foot. May have to try that though.

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Searching for old Specialized 'M-Lock' shoe ratchet straps

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