I made a tool roll

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  • I’m off work isolating for an operation (I’m fine!) and there is only so much time you can sit on the rollers for or tidy the garden or watch shite daytime TV so;
    I thought I’d have a go at making a wizard works tool roll, seeing as they were nice enough to share the patterns at the beginning of lock down #1
    Well here goes nothing.
    I found a load of fabric swatches at work and borrowed them, but nothing was big enough and as I’ve never sewn a thing I my life I wasn’t about to join 2 bits together make them the right size.
    Next I looked in the rag box at work and yay there was a pair of slacks in there.
    Result, the right size and hard wearing, so a double result really.
    So I printed out the pattern, no going back now.

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  • Next I cut out the fabric and pinned it together
    And dug out the MiLs machine and had a look on Utube to see how it worked.

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  • Then it was stitch time no pics as I was too busy swearing and scratching my head, but an hour later and we have one piece of something instead of three!

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  • Next I put the pockets in and gave it a good press, starting to look like something now

    A dogs dinner, but I did it!!!

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  • So here it is the finished article.
    I’m pretty happy with it, but the next one will be better. Oh no! I think I’m turning into a maker, I said maker!

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  • That's class, great effort!

  • nice job.👍

  • that's cool! looks like the original pocket might still be useable to keep stuff in as well?

  • Thanks people.
    For a first go I’m well happy.
    Yeah, the pocket has got my keys in it :)

  • Really cool, nice job! fyi if you want to make it waterproof I have had great success with using Fjallraven wax on denim, I did this to a tool roll and it's been very durable

  • Cheers, I think Liz has something like that from when she got her carradice bags 👍

  • Ooh I did it again, this time I had to join some too small bits pieces of fabric together as well, get me! 😂😂 This one if for Liz, so I put on a pink ribbon, she hates PINK! need to find a length of purple.

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I made a tool roll

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