Good alternatives to GXP bottom brackets from sram omnium

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  • I have have been running omnoms for about a year and a bit now and they are top notch dont get me wrong. My problem lies with the bottom bracket that acompanies them, Its really not good. It constantly needs adjustment and maintenance having needed a clean and regrease multiple times in the last year.

    Generaly GXP's seem to not be great both from a quality and engineering perspective so anyone got any good alternative for a 24/22 bottom bracket that doesnt destroy my wallet?

  • shimano

  • yes. Wait what? 22/24? what kind of fuckery is this.

  • you could give uberbike BBs a go

  • hope bb, it is a shimano base but comes with a gxp insert to reduce one side to 22mm.
    Expensive but it's Hope, it should look good and well built

  • Praxis works

  • Your problem isn’t with the physical bottom bracket, it’s with the design of sram cranks which put all axial loads on the nds bearing.

    Bearing life is unlikely to be any better with another brand of bb.

  • I have a gussett gxp bb at the moment. I've run it for a cx season and it's fine, but then I've never had an issue with the SRAM ones. They're so easy to grease I do that once every month or so anyhow. It doesn't seem like that much bother

  • Hope

  • I've run my Hope with GXP convertor for many years on my Omniums without issue.

    I've also got On one-niums which are essentially Omniums with a 24mm axle and pre load. Much better design but not as cool looking #csb

  • This comes up every year or so.

    It's worth checking the alignment of your frame's BB shell - if it's not quite right it will chew through external bottom brackets. Ask your LBS to chase and face it if you haven't done that already.

    GXP BBs should last a fair while.

  • As far as I understand, HT2 (i.e. Shimano) BBs are "better" in that they allow bearing preload to be set by the user, whereas GXP BBs require bearing preload to be set by the manuacturing and facing tolerances of the frame and crank. So, if this is correct, a solution involving wave washer(s) may improve the life of the bearings for cases where the preload would otherwise be too low. (if the preload is too high, I guess the cranks just won't spin properly)

    Praxis BBs have wave washers.

    Some people have frame and crank combinations that hit the sweet spot of tolerance and thus last a long time.

  • Some people have frame and crank combinations that hit the sweet spot of tolerance and thus last a long time

    I've got a 0.5mm spacer that's sorted that out

  • Good idea!

  • Unless a 0.4mm spacer was optimal...

  • You're optimal.

  • Depends on your fit I guess. I think they were from velosolo, and are actually a track sprocket spacer.

  • Details details...

  • Ah thanks guys, I have been leaning towards hope or wheels manufacuring BB's, on trade neither are incredibly expensive. As far as the shell goes I think its pretty good I had it checked out by a mechanic I work with when i first built it up. Good to hear that expensive BB's actualy seem worth it. cheers for the help chaps.

  • yeah, the nds bearing doesnt even sit on a propper race it sits over the splines for the crank arms, not ideal

  • some kind of evil sram witch craft

  • hope, fitted sram and it creaked from day one, fitted hope, no creak.

  • wheels manufacuring

    I had a t47 gxp and it didn't come with any spacers, so I had to buy them separately, and the seals didn't last one wet ride. I've got a Ride Works, lasted about 3 years then I had the bearings replaced on it... 3 years out of a BB, that's not to be sniffed at.

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Good alternatives to GXP bottom brackets from sram omnium

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