Almost Classic Carbon Scott C1 / CR1 Team 2003(?) Build

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  • Looks super. I have the prime bars and really rate them, wasn't as sold on the Planet X brakes though! Dibs on the Addict once this replaces it

  • Running the PX brakes on the addict, wasn’t expecting them to be any good but they work well when set up right! Noted on the dibs, running low on space so something will have to go/be moved to a parents house 🤣🤦♂️

  • The ‘spare’ dura ace 10 speed has sold in case anyone had their eyes on it…

    Setting up brakes/gears ready to get the bar tape applied by a (competent) mechanic, always make a shite job of it myself!!!

  • Putting the cages on earlier and discovered one of the bosses was buggered… just ordered a couple of replacements in M5 (and M6 in case the hole has opened up too much) and I’ll attempt to replace, as long as I have the patience filing the old one out first 🤦♂️­rivnuts-repairing-water-bottle-bosses-on­-carbon-bikes/amp/

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  • And it’s out… a careful 30 mins with a round file and it’s took enough of the id of the old fixing away so it dropped in the frame, leaving the top part to fall away.. a bit of araldyte and a new rivnut and hopefully good to go 👌🏻

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  • Decided to let the LBS use their skills to put the new bottle cage mount in, not having the right tools and fear of breaking the thin carbon out me off.. top job too, plus the bar tape and now it’s pretty much finished…

    Apart from the inability to remove the loose part that fell off in the frame!! Its got a one piece alloy BB along with no hole by the head tube.. looks like I might need to glue it to the frame internally or try expanding foam to stop it rattling. Hey ho at least it looks ok!!

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  • L👀king forward to see this built up!

  • Yes! Andy’s skills are far superior to mine so often take the bikes there for the bits I’m crap at (bar tape / internal cabling and this kind of thing), do you go there?

  • I don't personally as I'm Stourbridge but my mate is in there what seems like every other day. I ride with Ben who used to work in there as well.

  • It’s a good shop. Ben is a machine, if you can keep with him you’re doing well!!!

  • First ride this morning!! 😎

    Need to make a few adjustments (saddle back / bars tilted down a little / gears) but feeling sweet. No rattle audible from the part left over in the frame yet. Feels comfortable considering it’s weight!!!

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  • Hoooo boy, so nice and shiny!

  • In the singletrack and on the descents yes. Uphill not a chance in hell. He does wait for us though.
    Bike is looking ace!

  • Everything works so well together: carbon/silver decals, 7800 and the Cosmics with the alloy brake track. So cool!

  • Thanks for the comments, tried to get it looking stock but with a few modern bits chucked in.. needs dialling in to make it as useful as the addict!! 🤜🏻🙏

  • Trying a set of wheels from another build, looking forward to seeing how it feels next spring 😎

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  • Bravo.

  • Looks swoosh

  • Rad! I like the combi of the silver decals and cranks

  • Thank you

    Popped on the scales… 7.105kg isn’t bad considering the wheels are sub £300 Superteam 50mm. Even a bit of clearance with 25’s on!

    Keep looking at modern stuff with discs but for the ££/weight/my ability it seems a waste, and old kit is 🤩

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  • Mild weather so went out on the Scott. Felt great after the winter hack!!

    Need to get the 10sp cassette on the Superteam wheels, currently 11sp..

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  • I have a SRAM Red 10 speed cassette if you're interested. Verrrry light.

  • Thanks @Ndeipi but I’m well stocked at the moment, plus I’ve 2000g around my midriff that needs f**king off before I look at the bike 🙈

  • Really nice, the frame has polished up well.
    Is that just up the road from Ironbridge, towards Wroxeter?

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Almost Classic Carbon Scott C1 / CR1 Team 2003(?) Build

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