• Recently picked up a Scott CR1 (labelled C1 on top tube, CR1 on rear wishbone), one of the early lightweight sub 1kg frame Scott’s.. think it’s a 2003 model, please correct me if I’m wrong…. Frame has a few marks in the normal places but nothing a bit of lacquer can’t sort.

    Non original fork - Real Design HP Pro full carbon, not seen these before, if anyone remembers them?

    Planning on a dura ace 10 groupset, period Mavic SLR wheelset..

    Not a classic yet (or ever??) but keen to see how it rides 😎

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  • Sub’d and the yountimer thread needs a revival, this could be a good candidate 👍🏻 https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3546­53/?offset=25

  • Thanks mattyc, need to do a tidy build to get it on there :)

  • 7800 or 7900?

  • 7800, can’t resist the shininess… picked up a groupset and a set of compatible FSA rings, the dura ace rings seem to be £££ now, pretty close appearance but only £50 the pair

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  • Good call! Ideally, I‘d say 7800 with 7900 shifters and you have the best of two worlds: a tidy cockpit and the shininess ;)

  • Just checked prices of levers, my lord they’re a few quid… not sure my ocd could handle a mixed group either 🤣

  • There’s a pair for sale on here atm. Condition isn’t great though and the price isn’t a steal either. Think I paid 200gbp for a complete 7800 group on here just 2 or 3 years ago...

  • Some build examples I found, not the most popular being in existence pre phone camera. Can’t find much detail online at all

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  • Thanks for the link, looking for some with a little less abuse, although they probably work fine!

  • Real Design HP Pro full carbon, not seen these before, if anyone remembers them

    I think this was a brand that used to belong to American Bicycle Group. Merlins and Litespeeds came with them. ABG still owns Litespeed I think.

  • Great project, this thread also needs a bump


  • The white pinarello with gold hoops is a stunner, excellent thread

  • Class project. Look forward to seeing the result!

  • Weights of frame/fork/post… not bad for an old un

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  • This used to be the ultimate weight weenie dream frameset. It came with an equally light weight fork.

    I remember searching forever to find this specific one with the small carbon weave. I sanded it down to lose some extra weight, but never built it up in the end.

  • Do you still have it? They’re doesn’t seem to be many knocking about any more!

  • Saw this bike for sale with a mostly Dura ace groupset ultegra brakes

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  • @IrPOWERranger might have some shifters?

  • Yep, I have some 7801 shifters (2x10) in great nick (a couple minor blemishes). Let me know if you want more info/pictures.

  • I purchased a whole 7800 groupset from Italy on eBay last month, should have levers but thank you! May have been better getting the Kuota and splitting looking at the price 🤦♂️

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Almost Classic Carbon Scott C1 / CR1 Team 2003(?) Build

Posted by Avatar for v11boy @v11boy