Thames path Woolwich to Isle of Grain.

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  • There's a new section of path open, 47 miles out into Kent along the Estuary. Haven't ridden it yet, but from the photos looks bike friendly. Previously there were inland diversions needed.­tretch-of-the-england-coast-path-opens

  • That's cool - I've run that stretch a few times in the past, and it's been a bugger navigating inland past all the industrial parts.

  • Saw this as well but haven't ridden much past the Dartford crossing. Is it gate/stile central, or worthwhile bringing a bike for?

  • Excuse the fuzzy photo, but this bit near the number 5 is (at least it was a couple of years ago) a bit rubbish

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  • That's the bit that goes past the motocross track and shooting club right? If so then I've ridden quite a few times and it's pretty uneventful but fine for riding IMO. Apart from pissing off walkers/landowners, the main reason I tend to avoid footpaths is the number of dismounts/portages. When the ground dries up a bit I'll ride the new section and report back

  • the bit around dartford marshes ( section #5 ) is horrible ^
    out along that flytippers paradise of a road and up to the dual carriage way is the only way currently, wish they could use that flood gate thing as a crossing, would save a 2 mile unpleasant loop,

    did the run down to the ferry at tilbury during lockdown with a fellow forumenger, nice little cycle, down the north side and back along the southside

  • You can cut out the massive road by riding on the footpath that skirts the industrial estate:­0242­privacy_code=1puj3eLKoayGwvCR

    but yes I agree I have looked at that massive flood barrier and wondered if it could be used as a footbridge

  • ah nice will try that the next time, is it easy to find / follow ?

  • Yes pretty easy. As you come out on to the road after the waste processing plant you need the next left which takes you into a small industrial estate. The footpath is marked by a green gate to the right hand side at the end of the land, which you need to lift your bike over. Just watch out for the occasional twitcher on the path ahead, but otherwise just follow the trail and it pops you out next to the creek crossing (which you can ride over on the footpath next to the main road)

  • Is this doable on a road bike, or grav only?

  • I've ridden my road bike with 28mm tubeless quite a bit around there.
    It's not exactly ideal but possible.

  • In the summer most of the area (esp to the West of the Dartford crossing) is hard packed/gravel so you'd be fine on a road bike. This time of year it's something of a quagmire so you'd lose traction very quickly

  • Went down to check out the Swancombe peninsula part at the weekend, really quite nice and well away from the traffic, but it think it would be a struggle on 23c -

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  • Rode this route yesterday. Although it would likely be an utter nightmare if the weather had been as wet as a normal winter, our strangely dry January meant almost the whole thing was hard pack and fast going. There are still some sections in the urban areas which are closed and diverted around. First main one is at Northfleet marina where the closure isn't well signed but easy enough to take the roads when you know. The other one is shortly after, by the new homes being built next to the Berkeley modular factory. I missed any signposts for this one but it did involve walking up quite a lot of steps.

    After that you're into the reserves and the landscape changes from urban degradation to coastal wetlands. Plenty of interesting stuff to see (Shornemead & Cliffe forts etc) but also a lot of flat riding on the top of dykes. Gets a bit 'gatey' but no styles and quite a lot of the gates can be avoided by dropping down to the farm tracks at the foot of the flood protection.

    I needed to get home for the afternoon so headed back from Grain on a mainly road route. Suspect there are better gravel routes to get back but it would make a pretty long day all in.

    Strava here:

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  • Good write up. I still need to do this ride

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Thames path Woolwich to Isle of Grain.

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