• Looking to move on some nice bits that for various reasons aren't getting used.

    Red Wing classic moc-toe boots + unopened mink oil and application cloth. It's that old tragic story - I bought these online just over a year ago and didn't want to admit they didn't fit. I have worn them for ~3 x 1 hour long walks during lockdown on pavements and quite a lot of full days in the office/around the house to see if they would somehow mould to my feet and suddenly feel comfortable. They didn't. They are a UK 10 but I'd say would properly fit an 11. Condition is A+++. Boots were £240 and the cream and cloth £20. I'd love £170 for the lot (have the original box too).

    North face walking boots. These were about £180 4 years ago I think. They have been lightly used (a few decent walks in the lakes, some muddy plodding between pubs around the Cotswolds) but not wonderfully looked after (my cleaning/treating game was weak with these). They're definitely on the heavier side but solid as fuck. I have dodgy achilles and just never got on with them. £80.

    Folk overshirt/chore jacket. Brand new, with tags. I picked this up from the Lambs Conduit store after a 4 pint lunch, didn't try it on for months and when I did the cut and style just didn't work for me. I figured I'd return it at some point but it was out of returns period. RRP was around £100 I think, selling for £50, size 3, which is I guess a traditional medium, I'm 6 foot and ~80kgs and it's a good fit, size-wise.

    Barbour anorak - I bought it ~4 years ago because a girl I was dating told me it looked good. Probably worn 4 times, then decided I didn't really like it and went back to my patagonia. It is basically unworn, really good quality, waterproofing was good from memory (for a city raincoat rather than technical trekking wear) and fit was good. I think it was about £120, how does £40 sound?

    I'm SE23, would rather not post but certainly can do at buyer's cost. Welcome to come and try anything on!


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  • what size are the North Face boots? Thanks.

  • @amey if any of these things fit you should make a play.

  • That would have been helpful wouldn't it! UK 11, I'm a 10.5 and they fit well with thick socks...

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  • Bump and £5 off the Barbour

  • what size is the barbour? thanks

  • S but definitely fits like M. I'm 6" and it wasn't small on me.

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  • Bump and £5 off the walking boots...

  • I've got a pair of those NF boots - best walking boots I've ever owned for winter/autumn/spring. Had them for about 7 years and still going strong.

  • Nice one mate! Yeah they're properly solid, sole feels really secure and 'integrated' to the boot, if that make sense, but they just don't play nice with my achilles/heel shape...

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F/S - Red Wing, North Face walking boots, Folk overshirt, Barbour...

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