Campagnolo compatibility advice

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  • Hello

    Just looking for advice on a project, I want to get up and going. It’s been a little disjointed, and tried switching to Campagnolo groupset having previously always used shimano.

    Running into a few problems and I am wondering on the best way to rectify them, so any advice would be appreciated.

    Have got a sexy Italian (Columbus steel) frame, and naturally thought it should have Italian parts on it. Going for a old meets more modern (ish) (think 1990 meets 2011) look. So I bought a 10speed power toque Campagnolo velocce group set.

    First problem is that the on my frame has got standard British threads (which confused me endlessly to begin with), so I have found a bottom bracket that should fit and work with the cranks

    The next problem is the wheels. I have an ultrega hub on the wheels I want to use. Can I put a new 10speed cassette and chain on those wheels and use that with the veloce groupset or I am I going to need a whole need set of wheels?

    The other option is just giving up and reverting back to shimano and riding around on an imposter for ever. And ever. Which id rather avoid.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


  • ultrega hub

    Does this hub have a Shimano or Campag freehub? There are Shimano cassettes for both types of freehub, but I’m not sure if the opposite is true. Depending on the hub you might be able to switch out the Shimano shaped freehub to a Campag profiled one.

  • Thanks for your message. It’s got a shimano freehub and I’m trying to put a campag cassette on it.

    Just wondering if I could just run the rear wheel as all shimano (freehub and cassette) and the rest of the groupset campagnolo? Would that work?

  • The spacing between cogs is slightly different for Shimano and Campag. It will shift a bit crap. There are Campag-spaced cassettes with Shimano splines but they are generally rarer and costlier.­1/AMBROSIO-10-Speed-Shimano-spline-Campa­gnolo-spacing

  • Veloce is 10 speed. 10 speed Campag/Shimano cassettes/chains mesh pretty well. You’ll be just fine using a 10s Shimano cassette with Veloce.

    The biggest problem with Veloce is PowerTorque. If you’ve sorted that then it’s all gravy.

  • 10 speed Campag/Shimano cassettes/chains mesh pretty well.

    What about the cassette/shifter combo? The cog spacing and cable pull ratio won’t match in a 10sp Shimano/Campag mix, that’s a concern.

  • Cog and tooth cassette spacing across 10 speed systems is very, very close, it won’t make a perceptible difference. He’ll be using Campag veloce shifters with Campag veloce derailleur so cable pull will be as it should be, he may just need to twiddle the barrel adjuster a bit more if using a different brand 10s cassette.

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Campagnolo compatibility advice

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