Sold: Cascarsi Columbus Genius Road Frame MGOF

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    Up for sale here is my Cascarsi Race frame in Columbus Genius tubing. It rides very well and is in good working condition. All the threads (dropout adjustment, STI stops, etc) are fine and the frame is straight and true. Chrome is in very good condition.

    £175 collected from E17

    TT 580 CTC
    ST 610 CTC
    HT 175

    I understand that Cascarsi was the marque adopted by a Dutch bike shop to sell Italian-made Columbus racing frames to the local market.

    The bottom bracket threads are Italian. I can include a square taper Campag BB or Record Ultra Torque cups, if you need them.

    The headset does need servicing or replacing, I will also include a Campag Record headset, which is missing the crown race. But I’m hoping it will fit the crown race already on the fork.

    I had this frame built up with a mix of 11s Potenza and Chorus. If you would like to purchase the groupset, wheels and finishing kit with the frame, I’d be happy to discuss a price. I have included a few photos of the frame built-up. Helicopter tape was used to protect the frame from mudguards.

    Fits 28c tyres.

  • This is lovely.

    Would normally be all over it, but have overdone it a bit on the purchase front lately.

    Would potentially be interested in groupset if frame purchaser does not want.


  • Very glad that’s too big for me, it’s stunning. Killer-tight rear triangle geometry. GLWS

  • That is lovely for someone . Must resist .

  • Stunning frame and a great price. Would love it but unfortunately too big for me - Glws.

  • Have a BUMP for a truly nice frame, kind of glad it is too big for me...

  • Sad times. This is an epic frame.

  • Very nice indeed and a banging price!

  • Wow this looks great, I’m sure it won’t hang around for long (luckily/unluckily probs slightly too big for me).

    What mudguards are those in the first built up pic?

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments. Almost makes me reconsider selling it!

    The mudguards are Flinger Race Pro.

  • What's the rear spacing?

  • Bargain, and a nice build waiting for someone tall.

  • Ah,yea. Forgive me. 130.

  • I’ve got an SLX tubed Cascarsi, not much about them online, the bike shop in Holland was De Meulenreek (mine still has a sticker) and from what I’ve read they were made by Andrea Pesenti (of Cinelli Laser fame) in Italy. Certainly mine rides beautifully but is much scruffier than this - GLWS

  • Hi, what's the headtube length including the cups?


  • Really beautiful frameset. GLWS.

  • Stunner, GLWS.

  • As snoops can't send it to France, is there someone that could do that please ?
    And by the way, tell me what would be the shipping costs.


  • it depends on box size and insured value, so is a bit demanding to estimate with certitude, but it will cost you at least 150£.
    the cheapest is to ask the seller to make an ebay sale and use Global Shipping Program. it would cost less. ( i sent a steel frame that way to the USA, postage and custom fees were about 75£ )

  • I’m sorry to say it’s more of a won’t than a can’t. I’ve had bad experiences with international postage in the past few months so I’ve priced this for a quick, local sale – which should be happening this weekend with retrodicorsa.

    Insurance doesn’t cover time.

  • @snoops I said "can't" to be polite, I understood it was a "won't".

    @Glws thanks, it seems a bit high for a 10kg package even with insurance, but with Brexit I'm not sure so I trust you.

  • you're right, i sounded pessimistic. in fact you could probably send the frame for about 30£ + customs, but you have to look around for the best courier and find out their package size limits, be confident about your packing...etc.
    there goes the time @snoops is referring too.

  • Just for information, can Royal Mail take a package like that ? As in France La Poste have size limits but for a Frame it's ok.

  • yes, royal mail take that sort of size

  • 👍 thanks.

    And GLWS for this lovely big frameset.

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Sold: Cascarsi Columbus Genius Road Frame MGOF

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