Weight loss accountability/support 2022 edition

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  • What are you averaging daily?

  • I miss peanut butter.

  • 1500-1600

    ...but I've been riding the normal amount which is quite a bit. Regardless of what the "extra" calorie burn is, I stick to the 1500 target. Def been hitting the wall on the bike sometimes and super lethargic today but I've been telling myself I dont need to "perform" in January just drop as much weight as possible.

  • 1500 intake at your current weight + bike riding, sounds like on some days you are approaching 0-500 kcals for the day?

    A 2500 kcal deficit is basically starvation. Which clearly will work for weight loss, but unsurprising that you’re feeling lethargic!

    Definitely recommend reviewing the calorie intake, otherwise you will rapidly overtrain and get permanently fatigued, or get sick or both.

  • Haha aye sounds about right to be fair.

    It seems like I'm doing my usual weight loss regime but I think with the app I am accurately taking in 1500 cals while before I would probably be up at 2000 or more.

    I should be using it for good....not evil. * uplifting music plays *

  • It looks like you are keeping your general food intake at a dependable 1500-1600 calories.
    So unless you are heavily reducing carbs, I would suggest specifically fuelling your workouts.

    With your caloric deficit, you could probably eat exactly the calories needed to replace your cycling calorie burn, and still make fast progress. I'd go for more satisfying food choices pre/during/post workout than energy gels though.

    2 hours on the bike will be at least 1000 kcals, which is the equivalent of 10 medium bananas, or 2 very large bowls of porridge.

  • Its actually quite a nice thing isn't it. More eating, cant grumble at that.

    Do you think it can be broken up into days....in the sense that, on riding days I eat more on non riding days I eat less, is it as simple as that? Replacing calories rather than building them up?

  • Exactly 90kg and 33 years old today and feeling good. I’ve upped my runs to 7.5km with way more elevation and dropped my calories to 1600 as I’ve found myself having 300-500 left by the evening and using it as a license to snack.

    Fasted cardio runs really work for me and actually seems to suppress my appetite which allows me to have a light lunch and bigger dinner which is helping the intermittent fasting 7-11.

  • Absolutely.
    If you're heavy lifting and bulking and eating more on a rest day to fuel recovery and growth, higher intake on days with higher energy expenditure makes sense.

    Feeling awful post workout is mainly due to low blood sugar and low glycogen stores, so if you have more carbs prior to, and after workout, then you should feel quite a lot better.
    If you find that you're muscles are really sore for ages, you're body is clearly not fuelled enough to recover fast.

  • I feel this. Goodbye routine breakfast PBJ.

    I tried peanut butter in porridge but it’s just not the same.

  • There really is a lot of salt in stuff isn’t there?

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  • What’s your typical daily meal plan?

    I personally eat a lot of Asian cuisine, which has plenty of salt and soy sauce, and a big fan of cheese and cured meats.

    I’m a very salty sweater, and really need electrolytes when cycling though.

  • Was 72.8kg 31st Dec
    71.4kg today. Had some brutal deep tissue massage today followed by a trail run then went and ate all the food in the house
    Probs back to square one

  • I had a bad day yesterday and have second Christmas coming up this weekend. Trying to keep in mind that back to square one is better than where'd I'd have been if I hadn't tried at all the last two weeks.

  • My weight has been very consistent at 78.2kg this week, same weight as Friday last week.

    6 hours of martial arts today, and my muscles are in shock, so I think my muscles are swollen and holding onto water.
    A body recomposition week (hopefully).

    Hoping that weight will be down tomorrow morning ahead of cheat day.

  • I had to have some Dulcolax this week to get me moving. Shat myself inside out and went down way below my current weight but seem to have balanced out now. Lesson here is that I need to drink more fluids.

    Start: 101.4kg
    14 Jan 97.8kg

  • 2nd January - 94kg
    14th January - 91.2kg

    Running at about 800 - 1000 calorie a day deficit this week, and feeling nicely sustainable. Clothes starting to feel looser. 40% of the way to my goal.

  • 10 days in update
    Weight 88.5kg
    Body fat 27.8%
    Waist 93cm

    Weight 83.8kg
    Body fat 25%
    Waist 90cm

    Not been easy, been averaging 930 calories per day gross, and trying to not eat after 6pm but already my clothes are beginning to fit again and the bonking mid exercise has eased off, I’ve discovered I can have a small bowl of porridge and stay within my carbs target so will do that on days when I have bigger training sessions. Aiming another 20 days of this before transitioning onto something a little less extreme, but hopefully by then my suit will fit again 🤣😂

  • ^ and ^^.

    Fuck me sideways, those are some big numbers.

  • 12 days in lost a kilo. From 94 to 92.7
    Went for a DEXA scan today. Interesting process and chat with the operator / fat consultant.

    I'm carrying 30% of my weight as fat and it should be below 25% overall.
    The results break it down in to areas and the majority of mine is around the stomach / waist. The danger area for men.
    Even though my muscle level and bone density was good, his opinion was that I should still work on muscle build as well as the fat loss. This is not something I have done previously. All my gym work has always been cardio.
    Another thing he said which I haven't heard / read was investing money in your body like you do other things. He advised personal trainer for the gym to give some balanced regimes, again something I have been reticent to do.
    All in all, money well spent.

  • Dexa you looks very surprised.

    I was always tempted to do one of these when I was serious about cycling. Now it would simply tell me I am genetically identical to a pork scratching.

    Out of interest, where did you do it and how much was it?

  • Start: 91.8kg
    Week 1: 90kg
    Week 2: 89.2kg

    Initially, I was a wee bit disappointed at a 0.8kg loss for the week. Especially with the effort I've put in but it's all good, experience reminds me it's normal. No big jobby this morning.

    Into a good rhythm now, not so jittery at the deficit but happy to up the calories on big training days. No rush :)

  • Jan 1st: 78.5kg
    Jan 15th: 74.8kg

    Had a pretty indisciplined week and am about to have family Christmas (the part that was postponed by covid) this weekend so will probably be blow a lot of these gains, but it’s progress. Not really fussed about losing this bit of weight at speed.

  • Some big losses in the first two weeks, well done all!

    1st Jan: 80.8kg
    8th Jan: 78.2kg
    15th Jan: 77.3kg

    2.5kg first week, 0.9kg 2nd week is pretty much bang on the schedule based on calorie deficit.

  • Very similar for me:

    1st Jan 92.7kg
    8th Jan 90.5kg
    15th Jan 88.9kg

    Shooting for 80kg goal expecting a bit of a rebound to 83kg at 173cm

    Has been porridge/2 eggs on toast breakfasts, huel lunches and a 'normal' dinner for me. 400kcal/400kcal/ allows for 1000kcal dinner to hit my deficit which is psychologically good for me as a food lover. Kicking the snacking throughout the day, being hungry all the time, and significantly weaker have been the low lights.

    I don't have specific training goals so have accepted some degree of fatalism with performance changes over the time, just making sure I stay active. I know I'm going to lose some muscle particularly not focusing particularly on post exercise nutrition/recovery food.

    I've always been powerful from the waist down and carried too much fat around the stomach but allowed my indulgences on the basis that I am broadly 'fit' in a functional perspective, and have never really had body insecurity, but seeing an 'obese' BMI shocked me a bit, even understanding it's shortcomings as a measure.

    Hopefully 3-6 months of this and I can reset some baseline habits so that my eating habits are complementing my fitness habits rather than contesting them.

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Weight loss accountability/support 2022 edition

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