Weight loss accountability/support 2022 edition

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  • A thread to state your weight loss goals, check-in, support others, rant, rave and chat shit.

    Don’t know whether it’s worth putting usernames and goals on the first post, depends on how people feel about it.

  • Sure lets go. Basic weight goal is 82kg seemed to be as low as I could go summer of 2020 when I was peaking in performance, felt good and in noticeably good shape. Might not be a popularly expressed opinion but looking in shape is important to me, personally.
    I'm going touring 20th April this year and have been very conscious of the weight of my kit so dont want to be carrying around an extra ten bags of sugar for no good reason.

    Goal: 82kg

    Morning of January 1st - 91.8kg

    Lets be 'aving you!

  • I was 72.4kg before Christmas, on my way to my target of 69kg (down from a starting weight of 91.5kg(!)).

    A week later I am 78.5kg, so am now looking at losing closer to 10kg rather than the 3.4kg I had got it down to.

    A bit annoying to have blown my feet off in a frenzy of mince pies and Christmas cake and turkey, but here we are, time to work it off.

  • Thanks, good idea for a thread

    Current weight 92kg

    Goal is 85kg

  • Current: 85kg
    Goal: 75kg

  • Current weight 97.6kg 42yrs 190cm

    Year end goal 82kg

  • Current: 91.1kg
    Goal: 78kg
    Stretch: 75kg

  • Opposite end of the spectrum to others, maybe. Lost a bit too much weight last year that I didn’t really have on me to lose, due to 2021 reasons. Put 3kg back on during November and December but obviously it’s gone back on as gut fat. Keen to keep a bit of it as reserves but also convert a bit back to leg bulk.

  • Current 102Kg (at 176cm, yikes)
    Goal 76Kg

  • I don't have scales right now but I think I'm ~82kg (at 181 cm). first goal is 77kg, stretch goal 72kg. I've got a plan to get there (including training + dietary adaptations.) will post up more about that in due course... goal is to be at my stretch weight by september, when we're planning to go cycling in majorca.

  • Good job for me I don’t have scales right now :( but this thread could be just the help I need
    Was 68kg at 5’10” and 46yrs
    Am now no taller and nearly 10yrs older.
    Would like to be c. 80kg
    Need to buy a weighting machine but no reason not to start making in-roads.
    Cutting off the beer would be a good start.

  • Cutting off the beer would be a good start.

    For me too.

    For me moving to NL was the start of a decline. I cycle far less here than I did in London, and the 30k m or so each day in London was enormously helpful. I need to get back to having movement in my routine.

    Think I am going to try and cut a lot of refined carbs out and try and be more mindful about what I eat.

  • cut a lot of refined carbs

    Not sure I have that much self control:(

  • Starting with booze free January which should help and trying to do some exercise every day in Jan be it a hike or a ride. Both of those should help reset some poor habits.

  • Don't know my current weight or have a measurable target. An old hip issue has resurfaced due to sitting around on my arse too much during lock down so aim is to move more and get rid of it.

  • Was cycling regularly and down to about 85kg about 3 years ago (which, as a fairly naturally powerfully built person is pretty slender by my standards and had a few people asking genuinely if I was ill). I know what you mean about feeling like you're looking in shape......I'm not bothered (or am I?) about what others think but I definitely felt a bit better about myself and a bit more confidence when I was significantly leaner so it's not a case of need to look good to be happy but maybe I'm happier when I feel confident in appearance....That said I was doing 150 hilly miles a week and somewhat neglecting other areas of my life so that's not viable or desirable.

    Current 105kg
    March 9th Target: 99kg
    Jun 16th Target: 94kg
    Final (Sep 12th): Target 89kg


    • Continue the significant reduction of alcohol consumption for the rest of my wife's pregnancy and beyond to a (realistic absolute maximum) of a couple of G&Ts and a bottle of wine on either a Friday or Saturday

    • Dedicate some time to at least 3 specific solo exercise activities a week - might be a half hour jog, hours fast walk or might be 2 hour ride but alone and exercise for exercise sake specifically.

    • Do not snack treats on weekdays (even the left over xmas chocolate

    Good luck everyone

  • Im similar to you I think, not your cliche cyclist physique. 5'11 and 82kg really is a good healthy weight. 80 is possible but not really sustainable. Much thinner in the face at that weight and as you say, people mention it....and it feels good because I worked my arse off for it. (My arse doesn't go anywhere, I am the Original Scottish Beyonce) I want to put my roadie gear on and not feel like a strung up ham.

    I am all or nothing though, so now its no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy, much less meat etc (I was vegan for a year and it really was the best version of myself)

  • This is great.

    I’m sitting around 115kg and want to get back to 95kg.

    Sugary tea has been my killer this last year and a huge reduction in cycling etc!

  • I'm currently 90kg I wanna be 85kg. Have lost a fair amount in the past 12 months or so already

  • At 91.5kg, looking to get down to 80kg by the end of the year.

    I don't have the mental bandwidth to calorie count again (which had me dropping 0.5 - 0.75 kg a week last time), so it will be a case of cutting out whole bags of crisps, mini cheddars, and nightly 4-packs of 0% beer.

    The main challenge is exercise - I walk places at the moment, and that's about it.

  • Currently 69kg and I’d like to be 60kg again. I’m 165 cm.
    Combo of being off the bike with an injury and just eating way too much in lockdown has given me an extra chin I’ve never had before.

  • Oh just weighed myself again and I’m actually 69.8kg 😂

  • I have 1% less body fat than I did 51 weeks ago, feeling pretty happy since I indulged with reckless abandon over Xmas.

    Weight 67.4kg, 17% body fat. Bring down to 65-67kg, 12-14% bf, get more space around my waistband and less space in my sleeves.

  • 80.8 this morning and my goal is 85kg whilst also having a trouser band measurement of 34”. I’ll be 46 this year, 187cm.

  • 87.3kg 181cm target is 82kg by April 2nd.This seems easy enough but I lost loads at the start of the first lockdown and just can’t shift the last bit.

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Weight loss accountability/support 2022 edition

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