• Various parts that don't look like they're going to get used, so I'm selling. Prices not including postage. Collection is welcome:) Dibs then PM please.
    Price drops update> £5 off the pricier kit, £3 off the rest. Details below.
    Final price drop update> another £5 off pricier kit, £2 off the rest.

    Paypal gift is my preferred payment type, all prices don't include postage. Royal Mail's standard 2nd class rate is £3.20, so this is what you'll be paying unless you ask for a different service. Possibly cheaper if it fits inside a letter envelope, ask for price. If you can collect then it will be from NW London. Forum donation will be made if a fair bit of stuff goes.
    Happy New Year:)

    I'm also expecting to add x2 sets of Shimano XT canti and V brakes and other stuff mentioned in the thread title. This might take a little while though, so ask if you want details.

    Shimano XT SL-M739 combi gear/brake levers.

    These are classic 8 speed combi levers and have a lovely solid feeling shifting mechanism. Classic 90s Shimano from when XT really took off technically. Pretty excellent condition with just a few scuffs here and there. Mechanically all's well, all threads are good.

    £60> £55> £50

    Shimano XT RD-M750 rear mech

    Very nice condition although there are slight scuffs along the parallelogram front and to the bottom of the chain cage. Jockeys show minimal wear. Threads are all good with no seized bits and pivots have no play. Jockeys are original. For 9 speed setups.
    Nb this rear mech is of the standard design, but I also have another M750 which has the Rapid Rise feature (works better for some drivetrain setups) if anyone's interested.

    £20> £17> £15

    Shimano XT FD-M738 front mech.

    Pretty excellent condition, there's some alloy rainwater staining but nothing else to speak of. Mechanically all's well, no play anywhere and all threads are good. Virtually no chain contact wear. Clamp size 31.8mm. Top pull.

    £10> £7> £5

    Syncros Cattle Prod Hammer N' Cycle quill stem
    Excellent condition, except for occasional light scuffs here and there and staining from where the headset has been. I've given it a light polish which has improved the looks but it's not that shiny. Also some of the Syncros lettering is damaged (replacement decals can be bought online). Length 13cm. Clamp size 25.4mm, and fits 1 1/8" steerers. Threads and the alloy allen bolt head are good. For the weight weenies out there, the stem weighs 218g. It has the 1993 added Zircal alloy stem bolt upgrade, plus the 1994 added extruded wedge- this also dates the stem.

    £40> £35

    Control Tech System 3 ahead stem

    Excellent condition, except for occasional light scuffs here and there. Plus the original Control Tech stickers on the sides have been replaced with Hope ones. At least I'm guessing they're not underneath the Hope ones. Length 15cm. Clamp size 25.4mm, and fits 1 1/8" steerers. Threads are good.

    £25> £20> £15

    Suntour Alpha-5000 front mech

    Pretty excellent condition, there's slight wear to the logo but nothing else to speak of. Mechanically all's well, no play anywhere and all threads are good. Clamp size 28.6mm. Bottom pull. The mech was taken off a Muddy Fox with triple setup although the ratios weren't that wide, so the mech isn't designed for the kind of ratios that some of the other mechs listed here are.

    £8> £5

  • Shimano XT BR-M739 v brakes.
    Very nice condition except for a couple of knocks here and there. Logos still very clear. The main pics show all brakes have XT original pads, but older closeup pics show one set with pink pads which I've since replaced, so please ignore these. Both sets have lots of life left. Two of the frame attachment bolts aren't original. All threads are good etc.
    £40> £35

    Shimano XT BL-M739 brake levers
    Also very nice condition for these. A couple of light scuffs can be seen. All threads are good and pivots are still very tight.
    £40> £35> £30

    GT bars
    Very nice condition with only scuffs from fitting stuff to the bars. Length is 60cm and clamp diameter 25.4mm.
    Lazer etched logos are nice but not too obvious.
    £10> £7

    USE seatpost with shim
    An OK condition one of these seatposts. The matt finish has worn off a good deal where its been inserted in the frame and is also a bit tired looking above this. There's no insertion scoring though. The USE sticker is also not great. The saddle cradle has a scuff on one of them. Nothing is bent and threads are all good. One of the bolts isn't original. Diameter is obviously 25mm. The shim came with the post but I'm not sure if it's a USE one. I think it converts the post to 27.2mm size but not too sure (came fitted to a Pro-Flex 953 if that helps). Also, a small piece of the lip is missing.
    It's been cut down and now measures 30cm from bottom to the top of the cradle.
    £20> £15> £13

    Titec seatpost
    Pretty minty condition and I reckon this is NOS as there's no wear I can see, although the post has been stored without packaging so not 100% on this. Length is 36cm from bottom to the top of the cradle. Diameter is 27.0mm. All threads are good etc.
    £15> £12> £10 (sale pending)

  • Dibs Shimano XT BL-M739 brake levers and Shimano XT RD-M739 rear mech.

    Message sent.

  • Weekend bump.
    Price drops> A fiver off the more expensive items, £3 off the rest. See above for details.

  • Dibs xt brakes

  • Nb above dibs M739 rear mech and brake levers now cancelled, so totally still available.

  • That USE post might be just what I need. The frame is stored in work, I'll dig it out next week and get back to you if it's still available?

  • OK well I can keep the seatpost aside for you while you're checking that out, but would only ask that you get back to me at the start of the week as holding the post for any longer could prevent its getting sold.

  • Shimano XT brakes SOLD.

  • Second dibs on the USE seatpost

  • Sorry pal I think I'm going to leave it, even though it will fit - having dug out the frame I think I'm going to sell it on and go in a different direction for my new build. Just need to clean it and get an ad up.

    @woah all yours

  • Righto, that's fine.

  • Dibs the Cattle Prod & GT Bars.

  • They're all yours. Just pm me and we'll take it from there.

  • XT v brakes, Syncros stem and GT bars SOLD.

  • Above two dibs on USE seatpost now cancelled so totally still available.

  • Update to show more price drops. These are also the final drops before I'll offload what's left (reluctantly) on evilbay, but would rather it went to the chaps on here:(

  • Any pics of the gear? Interested in the USE post and Syncros stem

  • There's plenty of pics above you should be able to view. Perhaps your computer can't handle the formatting or something, although I think it's OK for most people. I can always pm pics to you if it would help. But regards the parts, I still have the USE seatpost but the stem has sold (as per thread reply above).

  • Remaining parts now (reluctantly) being auvtioned on Evilbay if anyone wants to try for them on there. Thread closed.

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MTB Clearout including: Syncros Control Tech Shimano XT Amoeba Middleburn Sakae USE Marin THREAD CLOSED

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