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  • It's Christmas - should I tip my the milkman? The bin men? The postman, DPD driver and Amazon guy?

    Help please.

  • We recently had a delivery of some bathroom equipment (heavy stuff) and in the festive spirit I offered the guy a mince pie - he declined - perhaps would have preferred cash.

  • Bin men- yes
    Postman- probably
    Milkman- yes
    DPD- maybe- we have the same guy each time and he's pretty good
    (same for a different service, but I don't think we're getting anything else delivered from either)
    Amazon- no (even though wage wise they deserve it the most- ours mostly do a ring and run so its a logistic issue).

  • This is actually a very good point!
    We always tip the milkman. I remember my mum always tipped the milkman (wink, wink) and I used to get tips when I was a paperboy. But I've never even considered tipping the postman. Let alone the binpeeps.
    We have a regular postie and a regular Hermes lady, so they should get tippage.
    Binmen though, there's about 6 of them for the regular lorry and about 4 for recycling. I'm not that rich, and I don't want to give them a pound each.

  • I have to say I do finding tipping a little condescending/patronising. Always makes me feel a tad weird.

  • Reminds me, I must tip @amey this year

  • Just the tip, and only for a minute!

  • Tipping flies, tipping cows, tipping binmen, tipping Amey….

    Where does it end?!

  • Not sure if I get tipping!
    Why tip?

  • Coworker mentioned that some restaurants in the U.K. use tops to pay their staff salary. If the amount of tips doesn’t reach the minimum wage or contracted hourly rate, they’ll shore up the rest.

    Tis fucked.

  • He prefers Patreon, and said

    that buy me coffee shit is for beginners. I'm not on that Fisher Price my first influencer shit.

  • You can't do that here.

    Pretty common in the US. Assuming you're in a min wage state. And they haven't put in place an opt out for service industries anyway.

  • You just need more practice.

  • I tip the postman but don't have a milkman and the bins are communal so don't feel like they do anything specific for me. The delivery drivers are always different again, so nothing.

  • "be nice to your mum"

  • Came here for the fly tipping rants.

  • I was here for tripping tales.

    On tipping, the only cash I have in the house is a jar full of all the coins. Could pour a handful of these to all who deliver

  • I was going to use these old ( round ) pound coins I seem to still have

  • Was this resolved?

    I didn't tip anyone.

  • I gave the milkman a box of Celebrations

  • Tipping is crap for loads of reasons.
    Small gifts is more grey.
    Can be a pretty unpopular opinion. Last time I was involved in a tipping conversation here two people (both now left) got rather shouty.

  • two people got rather shouty

    Well, have you tipped them??

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