Secrets of the Trade

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  • There’s eBay and non-eBay finds threads, but what about deals for those with trade accounts? Here’s a thread to discretely bring attention to deals that might benefit your fellow bike shop worker.

    The Golden Rule, please:
    -No prices. Its a public thread so let’s not undermine trade providers and bike shops by publicising their trade prices. I also would not want to encourage people to break their confidentiality agreements.

    If you wouldn’t want your boss and future bosses knowing you wrote it, then reconsider what you’re writing online. 👍

  • Madison have a good deal on merino wool socks. I bought several styles for half the price of one pair of Darn Tough, and they’re decent quality cycling socks. They do say madison above the toes though.

  • I also would not want to encourage people to break their confidentiality agreements.

    I’d say this kinda negates this thread, unless you make it private. There’s nothing you can be specific about without diverging specifics.

    I’m gonna go on a limb here and assume anyone working in the field is already aware of whatever is on offer, on account for regular ordering or general use of said portals.

    Also… Madison clothing is pretty banging at the moment. Them gilet’s are great.

  • Fair point, might need to be private then. I was wondering if just highlighting a deal would be enough (eg 20% off trade rather than exact £ figure).

    With so many providers and so many clearance sales and offers, maybe there is value in a thread to put deals on people’s radar?

  • The free mugs are back in stock on Cycle Division, absolute scenes.

  • Agreed on that.

    Wera tools are on chicken and Abbey tools on saddleback. Let all spanner folk be broke!

  • I’m running’ Runwell these days. 💪
    (Abbey tools on saddleback… hadn’t clocked that, thanks)

    Sadly no discounts on Wera, if anyone is wondering, but oh so many nice things.

  • Abbey tools on saddleback<

    I did not know that. Damn

  • These are good to know about, cheers.

    Will try signing up for a couple of them next time in in work as don’t have access to work email outwith.

  • Making good use of the notepad atm

  • At what point am I considered part of the "industry" given how fast I wear shit out?

    Single-handedly responsible for the Shimano shortages and I've still gotta pay retail. Hmmpf!


  • Get a sponsor

  • I haven't even decided I'm ready for the AA meetings yet

  • Or more up to date, become an influencer

  • You'll have to undelete facebook tho

  • I already am. I made ultra stuff cool. My work here is done.

    sips margarita on a beach

  • Yeah nah

    I think I'll keep paying retail. :)

  • Sadly no discounts on Wera, if anyone is wondering, but oh so many nice things.

    I do, but margins aren’t that great to be honest. It’s odd, for useful stuff, it’s quite cheap, for stuff I really want (half automotive) it’s ducking mental prices

  • Standert give a generous 5% industry discount off some bikes

  • Kinesis (upgrade) have done me a staff purchase discount off trade price despite us not being a stockist

    Also Cotic will do discounts for the trade

  • New frames and bikes discounted on chicken.

    I wonder if anyone ever bought that Basso frame 🤔

  • Proper tempting aren’t they

  • Dude, (you’re telling me) I nearly caved on a Basso Astra before (riveting personal story).

    Went ahead and bought some German steel though.

  • Anyone on here get that discounted Basso Astra on trade? If so, what groupset is it?

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Secrets of the Trade

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