OT: Wooden spoons and chopping boards handmade by me.

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  • Ok thanks.

  • I should have another batch of spoons done today. I’ll post on here as soon as they’re ready.

  • First dibs.

  • Pm coming for you

  • Interested as well, depending on sizes / styles

  • I’ve made a few more bits. First up two chopping / cheese boards.

    These are Sapele and Ash. Reclaimed wood so there are some surface marks which I’ve tried to photograph. They’re sanded silky smooth though.

    The bigger one is 26 x 24 x 2cm SOLD inc uk postage

  • A couple of spoons too.

    Cooking/ serving spoon is 31cm long made from reclaimed Sapele and ash tip. SOLD posted

    Eating/ table spoon made from Sapele. It’s a big eating spoon, it holds about 1 tables spoon.
    Perfect for eating massive amounts of something stodgy after an audax. Or whatever you like.
    17cm long £20 posted

    Butter Spreaders
    Made from Walnut.
    #1 is 25cm - SOLD
    #2 is 22cm - SOLD
    #3 is 21cm - SOLD
    £5 each inc postage

    Dibs and PM me if you’d like something. I’ll post on Monday so should be with you for Christmas

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  • @pacef8 already grabbed this eating spoon.
    I hope you like it.

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  • Dibs serving spoon, PM coming…

  • I’ll take the big boy board and the medium spreader pls, PM on its way.

  • The big cheese board, 22cm butter spreader and cooking spoon have sold now. Thanks guys 🙏

  • I’ll have a few porridge spoons ready today if anyone else wants one.
    I’ll post pictures once they are done.

  • I’ve got 4 Porridge Spoons and one cooking spoon to sell.
    All are made from Sapele.

    The eating spoons are:
    #1 18cm:
    #2 20cm SOLD
    #3 21cm
    #4 21cm SOLD

    Cooking spoon is 33cm SOLD

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  • A few more have sold.
    I think that’s it for Christmas gifts now. Anything else will be posted in the new year now.
    I hope all who bought something are pleased with them.

  • Can I dib a spork version if you ever do one?

  • I’ve thought about it, I’d quite like a handmade wooded dangle spork myself. Maybe in the new year. I’ll definitely post here when I try.

  • Thanks again everyone who bought spoons etc for Christmas presents. I hope that all those that you were giving them to liked them.

  • Nice looking spoons, Dan :-)

  • I’ve only got a few bits at the moment.

    Two jar/condiment spoons handmade from Sapele £15 inc postage each
    The small one is SOLD and the other is 21cm.

    A small Sapele and Ash cheese board
    26 x 19cm
    SOLD inc postage

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  • Mine has gone down well . Porridge every morning this week . Top work.

  • Just the 21cm spoon in the photo above left now.

  • Hi guys,
    I have been making a few more wooden bits lately.
    I’ve got a few nice handmade wabi-sabi chopping boards for sale

    #1 Sapele wood 30 x 22cm, 2cm thick - £25 inc postage
    #2 Sapele wood 30 x 21.5cm, 2cm thick - £25 inc postage
    #3 Sapele wood 36 x 20.5cm, 2cm thick - £27 inc postage
    #3 Ash 27 x 19cm 3cm thick, 2cm thick - £25 inc postage

    Send me a message if you’d like one.

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OT: Wooden spoons and chopping boards handmade by me.

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