OT: Wooden spoons and chopping boards handmade by me.

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  • Hi,

    I’ve been making some wooden spoons and things lately and I thought I’d offer them up for sale on here. I’ve only just started so they’re charmingly wabi-sabi.

    These are from my first batch Spoon 1 Sapele the rest are Walnut. Approx 30-32cm long.

    And some chopping boards

    I’m adding more new items to the end of the thread as I make them.

    Chopping boards £20 each inc postage

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  • Super cool. Glws.

  • Yeah nice. Might I suggest a sense of scale would help. Edit: you wrote 30cm sozzzzz

  • I'll take nos. 1 and 2 if they are still available? Will PM you

  • These are beautiful!

  • Have you got one suitable for porridge ? My girlfriend would really like one.

    Edit like no 1 in sapele

  • Thanks for all the positive comments 🙏
    1, 2 & 3 have now sold.

  • I’m thinking about doing a run of eating sized spoons soon.
    Are you thinking before Christmas?
    Keep an eye on the thread and I’ll put them on here when they’re ready.

  • Hats off, absolutely lovely work

  • Yes porridge spoons before christmas please .

  • i would nab up a porridge spoon!

  • porridge spoon

    Stirring in the pot or eating from a bowl?

  • If you are doing requests I would love a walnut serving spoon, or better yet a pair

  • Drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I'm going to get some more wood today so I'll try to get more walnut.

  • Eating with i presume.

  • Dangle sporks or poo trowels would probably excite the forum too. 😉

  • I think a spork is beyond my skills right now. But a dangle porridge spoon could be on the cards.

  • Delicious work, #2 is my fav. What knife you using out of interest?

  • IIRC a few years ago there was a video of someone who set up shop in east London carving spoons. It was pilloried on the hipster thread. Clearly they were doing it before it was cool!

    Though these do look like nice spoons glws etc etc

  • Barn the spoon. He's still there. @eldweebio has had lessons.

  • Only spoon number 5 is left now.
    Thanks for again for all the positive comments.

  • Do you mean for the bowl? It’s a hook knife like this, but I’m not sure what brand exactly as I’ve had it for years (but it has mainly sat unused in a drawer)

  • Hopefully a bit of whittling and sanding is going on at the moment ?

  • Yes there has!
    But it’s been a bit disappointing to be honest.
    I’ve had a number of spoons break in some way as I was nearing their completion! Basically me just making mistakes and eventually whittling them away to toothpicks.
    But I’m learning, and mostly enjoying it, so more will be on the way.

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OT: Wooden spoons and chopping boards handmade by me.

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