Digital Signature?

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  • Does anyone have experience of using a digital signature to sign a document?

    My signature is required on a couple of documents. But signing them in person would mean leaving the country and I'm not too keen on that right now.

    I've been told I can use a digital signature instead of flying over to sign in person.
    I've never used a digital signature before so looking for some advice before proceeding.
    I've found this site­signing that seems to provide what I need.
    But it's going to cost around £300.
    Does this sound about right? Is there a cheaper/alternative method?

  • Get a trial Docusign account. It'll be free.

    Even if you got an annual subscription it'd be cheaper than £300.

  • Ah sorry I now realise I maybe should have been clearer in saying I need a 'Document Signing Certificate' I think aka a digital certificate! It has to be time stamped.

    I'd looked at docusign and I think they could also provide what I need but theres no links on the site to buy and instead suggest one emails the sales team.

    This is from the Docusign website:
    " Digital certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities, organisations which are also called Trust Service Providers and which are accepted as safe and reliable issuers of digital certificates."

    I'm now realising theres probably no cheaper way to obtain one of these digital certificates?
    If I'm understanding it correctly, I'd have a video call with someone who would want to see and verify my passport.
    I haven't been able to find many alternatives to so I'm probably just going to have to suck it up?

  • Ask the entity who is requesting the signature what they will accept and from whom, would be my first move here.

    Be a shame to spend the money on Global Sign and then find out that what they provide isn't on the list of valid proofs of identity/signature.

    There may also be a cheaper option on the list.

  • Ask the entity who is requesting the signature what they will accept and from whom

    Entity is requesting a qualified signature with a time stamp. My understanding is they require a digital signature with the aforementioned digital certificate.
    They have previously said any international provider will do but I've emailed asking if Global Sign will be accepted, just to be sure.

  • Doesn't Adobe have digital signatures in it? We use it for work.

  • @jaitch Adobe Sign? Not sure if stand-alone?

  • It does but it doesn’t provide the digital certificate that I need.
    The digital certificates are verified and issued by Trust Service Providers.

    I’ve heard back and they are happy with me using Global Sign.
    Price is certainly a bit steep but it beats the hassle of signing in person.

    It’s all slightly confusing due to similar terminology used.

    It seems the Trust Service Providers all charge similar fees. I wondered if there was a particular one that was cheaper than the rest but it doesn’t seem like there is.

  • So once I have the digital certificate from Global Sign, I’d certainly be able to use it in Adobe.
    But as far as I know, Adobe alone wouldn’t be able to issue me the certificate. It can only be issued by a Trust Service Provider.

    I know very little about all this though so would be happy to be proved wrong.

    Edit - now sorted ta

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Digital Signature?

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