FS: Marin Team, mid 90s 26er MTB dopeness.

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  • A dope Marin Team Issue 26er frame + Orange 26er fork

    top tube's 54cm,
    seatube's 43cm
    headtube's 100mm

    It's a late 90s (likely a 1994 frame) Team Marin frame so it's higher up the Marin hierarchy, has same tubing as Team Issue & is just below Team Issue Titanium. (Thanks to @BloodyBones for correction & year/ size info)

    Tange Ultimate Superlight MTB tubing, triple butted tubes and double butted stays, and you can feel it, it's light af (around 1.7/1.8KG) chucking in an Orange 26er alu MTB fork which is also light af.

    There's usual age related chips and couple places where paint flaked off, i've taken some pictures of this, happy to add more pics later. But otherwise frame is in good condition, it's been dry stored while in my posession

    These sell for stupid prices on eBay, let's start with £175, £170, £165 £160. Happy to consider offers.

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  • Interested pending pics! Can I pre dibs?

  • Pictures added. And sure you can have dibs

  • Thanks - do you have any pics of the fork?

  • Some fork pics

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  • Looks awesome, unfortunately will have to undibs. GLWS

  • Alright no worries, thanks.

  • Monday price drop :)

  • This is a team marin frame and not a team issue frame though they both shared the same tubing that year. I'm fairly sure this is from 94 not 97.

    I'd imagine the team issue fetches a higher price though that shouldn't matter when just selling the frame alone. Just a heads up.

    Also, Marin considers this a 17.5 frame size if I've worked it out correctly from the measurements you've provided.

  • Thanks you’re right about the year and model. I stand corrected on that. Thank you, that info is really helpful, Cheers!

  • Any idea what height rider this is suited for??

  • That's tricky, older MTB's are different when it comes to sizing than road or track bikes. Most important measurement for me is the top tube that's what you want to make sure works for you.

    seat tubes on MTB's are historically short for crotch clearance / safety reasons when MTB'ing.

    This would have been a bit small for me (my height's 185cm) but i would have whacked a long seatpost and a long stem (which would have affected ride quality but i wasn't gona actually mountain bike on it so it wouldn't affect it as a city/ practical-front-rack-bike) so i reckon it would suit someone smaller than me

  • This should be good for 5"7-5"10 i had a 94 team issue in 94 but i had a lot of post at 5"10. Great frame though i love those old tange ultimate and prestige frames. Nice frame and fork at a good price for someone to kick-start a new project. I've seen these polished up really nice. There's even a nice slx groupset in classifieds. This could be great

  • Yeah agreed, looks like a great project. And I can't fault the price.

    I always wanted a bike with fancy Tange tubing. I once had a nice Gemini (Japanese I think) with Tange Infinity tubing, roughly equivalent to 531/Cromor I think. A simple roadie with DT shifters, all 105 and 36h rims. When nicely tuned up it really flew.

    Thanks for the sizing info. I'll sadly be way too tall for it at 6'4". I guess I need to wait for a similarly nice ~21" frame.

  • Yeah totally agree on size/ Height. Yeah the frame is lovely and that prestige tubing is amazing, gutted it doesn't work for me size wise, it's so light i had do a double take and check it wasn't alu.

  • at 6'4" its definitely too small for you. And yeah tge tubing really is something special, nicest/ fanciest tubing frame I ever owned and it doesn't fit me! Haha

  • price drop bump

  • last price drop before ebay

  • Reluctant price drop for christmas yo. Too lazy to eBay it. But I need space and the cash.

    Grab an amazing frame at a bragainlicious price :)

    Happy to post

  • Nice frame - the fork isn’t made of titanium though.. it’s an aluminium fork that came with the Vit Orange titanium frame

  • Ah okay I see, cool thanks for that, i don't know that much about Orange frames & forks of that era, so that's good to know.

    Its weight fooled me tbh, given its age i just chucked it in as a freebie with the frame.

  • Keep coming back to this frame, I'll pm with a few questions, ta

  • I'd say the price is a pretty high when you can buy an equivalent whole marin bike for about 300 with XT or LX off ebay or gumtree. I've not seen these frames priced as high but I didn't know if the what you thought was a titanium fork was inflating the price quite a bit.

    Please ignore me if I'm incorrect but I really couldn't see any team marin frames that had sold for the price you've quoted.

  • @BloodyBones No the fork was a freebie from the get go as it's an old fork that I got with a cheap frame on here and is worth a tenner at best.

    These don't come up for sale on eBay often but when I had seen them come up over the past 3 years they sold for between £160 and £250 - (Ditto Konas of the same period with similar level tubing which I was hunting for too) and we're talking the higher end tubing ones The Team Marin and Team Issue steel. Not lower end ones.

    I'd post ebay sold screenshots but ebay doesn't show sold listings that far back

    I'm confident i'm not off with pricing.

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FS: Marin Team, mid 90s 26er MTB dopeness.

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