• Ah did not know that, but yes I'd imagine we're talking about the same people.

  • Seems like a fair summary. Had not realised they were not US made.

  • Good to know. One of the manufacturers I originally mentioned (possibly Zed) offers their wheels in a LOUD version, drawing attention to the hubs' volume...

  • Thank you, interesting. I am perhaps leaning towards the Parcours if I go off the shelf. Their communication seems very good/quick....also their product does not seem to be priced at rock bottom and they offer the lifetime warranty. Interested to know what bike you bought with these as stock wheels?!

  • I'd echo the recommendation for Martin over at Arkane wheels. My 40mm carbon wheels laced to Hope hubs with Pillar aero spokes came in around £850. Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure he uses Light Bicycle rims for builds. Probably comes out a bit more expensive than if you sourced the rims yourself and had him build them but there's much less wait time going direct to Martin.

  • Just a word in support of Scribe. I have a pair I bought on here and they had an issue with the hub slipping so I contacted them to get spares to repair it myself (as not original buyer). Instead they honoured the original warranty, and overhauled the hub for free. Since that they've been perfect. Amazed by that service, and when I need another set I'll be ordering from them. I'd ridden them for that last year I can't honestly imagine how any other wheels would be better.

    They are a bit loud but can easily be dismantled to put a bit of grease on the pawls and they quieten down.

  • Fair enough. I am waiting to hear back from him since i sent details of my budget! I do quite like the look of those LB rims, the ones with the wobbly edges.

  • Has anyone ever made use of the crash replacement programme for the brands with a lifetime warranty on carbon (Scribe, Hunt etc)

    I have priced up some Farsports carbon gravel wheels at around £550 but it almost seems like a false economy if for £300 more I get a pair of Scribes and they’ll keep replacing the rims when I break them?

  • I have not…but just nipping back to this thread, I went for the Zipp 303s in the end. Looked like a lot of positive feedback even at £985RRP so at the £750-odd I paid, seemed like a good deal. Largely attracted by the warranty from a company I would hope will be around long enough to honour it if needed. Suspect they will have a few rough edges and 1550g is not featherweight but hopefully CX Sprint spokes and hookless rims will take a bit of a battering without too many problems.

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Mid-priced carbon wheels from UK firms: Parcours, Scribe, Zed Wheels, Just Riding Along, VEL...prob not Hunt!

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