OT: Tech - Bose 700 £149.99, Router & Modem.

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  • Few tech randoms. Will be adding as I slowly work my way through my 'cable box' (OK, a few of these definitely weren't in that box..)

    1. Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic/Remote, Black
      BNIB, haven't even removed the plastic. Selling to fund my new XM4s having been impressed with the below for sale cans.
      £299.99 on JL right now. Yours for £175 > £170 > £149.99 > SOLD.

    2. Sony WH-1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth NFC High Resolution Audio Over-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote, Black
      My old commuting friends. Good condition, battery lasts at least 1 whole work day NC+Playing music - top have a few tube/head related battle scars (Yey for tall people).
      Everything works as it should. NC, NFC etc. Healthy sound from both sides.
      Come with case, 3.5mm cable and flight adapter. Think the box is in the loft too.
      £55 - you won't find better at this price! > SOLD.

    3. Tp-link Archer AC1600 VR600 v1 Modem/Router - Death to the home hub, did everything I needed it to! Now surplus to requirements as im lapping up FTTP at 1Gig to my door.
      £17.50 > £15 > £10

    4. TP-Link Archer C2 AC750 Router - used as a access point when my crap TalkTalk provided modem was unable to support a VPN tunnel (wtf!).
      £15 £12.50 > £10

    5. Jabra WHB003 (900-series?) Wireless Headset.
      The perfect Teams companion for in the office. USB interface. Buttons that can answer etc. Fabulous range - could make it to the canteen for snacks and back when I used to work in an office. Now working from home so no need to look busy with this plonked on me head.
      £20. > £17.50 > SOLD.

    All in Dorset - yes, we do have the internet down here - so unless you want to see Gold Hill of Hovis fame, then posted it shall be.

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  • Hello mate - as an IT professional I’m loathe to expose myself here as a fraud, but will either of those routers help with spreading the signal in the apartment, which, because of its 1930s built like a brick shit house (literally) physique, suffers from drop spots that the modern papier mâché apartment buildings don’t suffer from?

  • ban yourself if you dont have mesh in 2021

  • Not sure what this even means….

  • He's just teasing you.... but also referring to mesh networks which have become more available in today's age. Multiple wireless access points that are all synced, check out Google's mesh network options.

    Sounds like you may need some IT assistance though, I'm sure @yeahdext would help you out if you could help pay for his time.


  • You can use any old router as a wireless access point at the end of a CAT5 cable connected to your existing router to extend wireless coverage. If you can't have a wire between them then you're probably better going for a mesh to acheive the same wirelessly, although they obviosuly cost more.

  • Same old @amey always teasing….

    Will do a Google and consult in house as despite my generally spendthrifty nature if I can get one of my own team to HMU then it’ll save more pennys (not that I’m saying you only cost pennys @yeahdext) for bike stuff.

  • Think I found what I need.
    Ahhh Google / Amazon reviews, how a love thee.

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  • TP-Link Archer C2 AC750 Router

    Would be suitable at the end of a long CAT cable (it's how I used it previously). But i'll be honest a Wifi Mesh or Powerline device may well be your friend - I've got one of these in my office which saves me having to negotiate my 1700 40cm thick stone walls! But am currently looking at the Google Mesh as a prettier option - that and my earthing doesn't support the best of speeds.

    Will swap further advise for LB wheels. ;)

  • @yeahdext sorry mate, can the Jabra be connected to mobile too? I am aware that some of 900 series can... (via Bluetooth)

  • Negative on this one - Wifi only :(

  • Added Bose 700 & Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones!

  • Hey mate, Im keen on the WH-1000XM2's will send you a PM

  • Just got a Pixel 6 by any chance?

    Good price on the 700’s. If my QC35’s weren’t still going strong then I’d bite

  • Could be interested by the WH-1000XM2's too depending on the dibs above..

  • Looks like the WH-1000XM2s have gone to @Ph1ll1p - if that changes i'll let you know.

    @duncs Yup, Pixel 6 Pro. But I like the Sony's so they will remain! I just can't bring myself to change.

  • Been ghosted...

    @mbretton drop me a PM if you're keen.

    Dibs is shit etc.

    Ps: drops on other items..

  • A passive aggressive drop on the Bose to £149.99.

  • Interested in Bose 700's, have PM'd you

  • how does one say Bose ? is it bose ? or bo-se ?

  • Booze? Yeah, fairly certain.

  • no its just bose

    common indian surname

  • All audio has gone.

    Router / modem for a tenner each?

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OT: Tech - Bose 700 £149.99, Router & Modem.

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