Scott from Black Rainbow Project bike accident

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  • Hey everyone!

    Long time, no post and sorry I've popped on to ask you all for money but Scott Black was smashed off his bike last night and has been left with a broken collarbone. No big deal, haven't we all, some of you might be thinking, but this will have a massive impact.

    Scott works two jobs to cover rent and his landlord literally just increased it by almost 20%. His jobs don't give him sick pay because he is a self-employed bike courier and he now can't work for a minimum of six weeks. It's been a general rotter of a year for Scott anyway and alongside not being able to get BRP moving again (no spare cash or time), he just keeps getting knocked back (this time literally) every time he tries to move forward.

    Please, if you can spare anything at all, please donate to the GoFundMe I've set up for him.

    This is as much a mental health support request as it is sending money to literally survive. This is not anything to do with BRP, this is purely for rent and food so Scott can heal quickly and get back work and eventually, to making this amazing bags we all want asap.

    If you need a little extra motivation, every donation will be entered into a random number generator and the number selected will be offered a custom August Bicycles stem or coffee tamper as our way of saying thank you for lending support to one of our best friends.

    Thanks so much guys and Scott, sorry if this is embarrassing as hell, but suck it up. You're loved and people want to help!

  • Done. Heal up soon Scott ✊

  • Thanks so much Jason. Makes all the difference!

  • his landlord literally just increased it by almost 20%

    Is that even legal? In the Netherlands private rent could only be increased by 2,4% in 2021.

  • Donation done

  • This is the UK, where people seemingly care more for animals than their fellow man :-(

  • A bloody good question but with a Tory government, I'm sure it's absolutely fine. Can't believe it!!

  • Thank you so much. I like animals too, but we have to be kind to each other, right? Really appreciate you donating. x

  • Donated, hope it helps. Have you considered contacting LCEF too?

  • Thank you so so much. We have suggested the LCEF but there might be some romantic entanglements getting the way...

  • Over halfway to target already. Huge thanks to everyone that has donated. It's amazing how much the community come together in moments like this.

  • So sorry to hear and completely ridiculous re rent especially in times where we should be helping each other out. Donated and heal up soon mate. T

  • Thanks so much, appreciate the support.

    We've made arget in just a few short hours, so it's been great to pass on not only the fact that money has been raised, but also all the encouraging words and support from everyone.

  • Great to hear that!

  • My bike based work was hit haaaaard by Covid but it picked up a bit so Scott can have some of my tip from yesterday! Get back at it soon, sir!

  • Heal up soon, donated.

  • Oh fuck mate, Scott, clavicle error. Heal up nice dude.

  • heal up scott x

  • I'm honestly humbled by everyone's help and support. It really does make a huge difference at a time where I've been feeling particularly low.
    Extra special thanks to Amy and have been such a big help over the last year.
    But huge thanks to everyone who has donated too. I truly do appreciate it. xxx

  • Good luck chap, hope you're back at it, in full form, very soon!

  • Thanks so much to everyone for helping. And shut up Scott. You big softie. xx

  • Not complaining about the relatively cruddy reporting that chose to ignore all good quotes and just publish those where Scott and I are both swearing. Not at all. Urgh.

    Nice to get a little extra press coverage though!­on-news/east-london-man-suffering-depres­sion-22266966

  • Also, that URL. East London man suffering depression. Fuck sake.

  • bit late, donated

  • Done, even if it bypass the goal, it's still worth doing to make sure Scott can dick about for the next couple months.

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Scott from Black Rainbow Project bike accident

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