• Yeah that's a lovely stem!

  • It really is and if i can get or make a flush fit upper bearing cover to replace the conical one that comes with the Colnago headset the stack on this will be the same as the bike this is replacing. I may need to consult Gbj on this as it'll come with one of these

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  • Simworks x Nitto seem to make the most beautiful stems. Just need to work out the measurements to pick the right stack. Mine will be black

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  • Nice project - sim works +/- 10 I think...

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  • Yours looks great 👌The Simworks definitely have the most suitable shape I've found so going to get that ordered this week hopefully. I'm going to go with the - 15° 72mm stack Anna Lee. That will allow me to run it without spacers and look really clean. The final stack height will be within a couple of mm of my bike fit measurements. What seatpost will look best alongside this? I've been looking at the inline T-bar style super light posts but think a carbon masterpiece would match up nicely 🤔

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  • Nice!
    personally i'd go for an ENVE carbon post if i had the £.
    I wanted one for the Mercian but it would have cost more than what i paid for the frame so i settled on a Pro PLT alloy instead (i used a sharpie to darken the markings on it).

  • With online deals available the Enve Post is the same price as the masterpiece. I prefer the classic looking upper assembly of the Thomson and the Enve is heavy for the money especially at full rrp. If i have a few good weeks at work building up to Christmas i may go all out and treat myself to one of these. They don't look that expensive until you add up taxes, postage and sometimes customs clearance fees on top. Cheers Brexit 🙄

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  • That mercian needs a steel fork!!!

    Very lovely build!

  • I know I suggested ritchey before and we've moved on since then but with 15% off today for cyber monday this wcs post is only 80 quid and no import taxes with bikeinn. I may get one.


    Edit: code not working. It doesnt work with sale items I guess.

  • Saying that, it is 200g so not the lightest you could get.

    Edit: which is 5g heavier than the alloy version I use. Weird. Maybe because it's not the 1 bolt clamp or claimed weight on my alloy one is wrong.

  • Cheers it’s got one:

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  • Seatpost ordered I've gone for a super light T-bar style Hylix carbon post without graphics. This will be cut to around 250mm so should weigh about 130g once chopped. Also ordered some chrome effect Colnago club decals and going to use one on the rear of the post just under the head. Ordered a Aliexpres carbon works copy bottle cage as well. Not expensive but not cheap so hopefully the quality will be OK when they turn up 🤞

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  • Can't believe i won the suggestion game :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion i hadn't heard of these and it should look nice especially after I've customised it. It's super light with a carbon cradle and oval top clamps so should be gentle on the Tune saddle rails. The Tune posts have a maximum insertion so may not work on my horizontal tt frame as there won't be much post poking out. The more expensive Mt Zoom and Ultimate use posts were essentially the same just more expensive and didn't have removable decals. All of the neat side clamping one bolt posts required min 12nm to clamp the rails which i thought might be tough on my saddle. The Hylix should hold at 8nm even if it needs re tightening after the first couple of rides until it settles. The Alpinist looked too difficult to set up on a saddle with out a cut out. The MCFK worked out well over £300 including shipping and extra taxes. Couldn't find any 15mm superleggeros and the inline looked too top heavy similar to my k force which i was originally going to use so in the end it came down to the Hylix and a Carbon Masterpiece £75 vs £225 I'll get my post and stem for that money so the price swung it in the end. 5-6 week wait on the post though but my frame won't be here until at least March so not a problem. Hope I've made the right choice. Just stem and bar tape to order now i think. Ordered a Ali carbon works copy bottle cage as well. I reckon I'm on for 7.5kg final build weight 🤞

  • Cage and post arrived this week both look nice and crazy light. The seatpost weighs 158g in 420mm but I'll lose about 150mm off that so should be closer to 14og. Stem is on its way from America should turn up early new year 🤞

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  • Fauxnago? Chinago?

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  • My all time favourite master if you like a bit more chrome.

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  • I had a silver Ritchey stem and bars for a bit and the lacquer went cloudy really quickly even though it was always stored indoors so wasn't impressed at all. I've ordered the Simworks Anna Lee 75% in black it looks almost like a quill so should blend nicely 🤞I've got those wheels and the non compact record crankset which i think looks a little nicer. I've got some spare chrome effect Colnago club decals if you need any for anything?

  • Will take a look Simworks Anna

  • Just had an email from Sim Works my stem is in the country and should arrive by the weekend. Going to order bar tape this week. Current front runner is this now as the Silca Piloti tape has had too many iffy reviews. Unless anyone has any better suggestions?Needs to be black ish

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  • Stem arrived this morning and looks exactly how hoped it would its heavy but so beautifully made. I'm happy i sacrificed the 130-150g over a lightweight alloy stem because this should look perfect 👌
    :EDIT just had the stem on the scale and its 269g 100mm but the bars are just 186g which helps offset the heft of the stem a bit. The saddle/post combo is crazy light though only 253g combined and I'll be chopping around 15cm off the post once built up so the final combined weight will be less than most of the saddles i own.

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  • Lovely!

  • Getting the bars shoulders in through the closed design clamp was toight. I had a brief moment where i thought fuck this isn't going to work but i took a moment and put some electrical tape on the shoulders then greased the tape and whilst keeping the clamp wedged open with a 6mm allen key i was eventually able to shimmie and caress it through unscathed. The bar is a superleggera team carbon. I think I'm going to bottle it and just go with my tried and tested black Lizard skins tape and not the Rapha brevet tape and just keep the cockpit as plain black as possible and maybe add some retro Colnago chrome effect end caps. Probably the top ones as they'll match my re stickered seatpost. Just looked and i can get 3t replacement cover up decals in any colour so may cover the white with gloss black or Chrome effect if the white starts to annoy me. Does the fact that a little logo on a handlebar could irritate me mean i have some sort of problem? I mean i won't lose sleep over it but I've just spent nearly an hour and a half online looking at stickers and bar end plug options.

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Nicks neo retro Sunday best. A light for steel stealthy Colnago master x light once the frame finally arrives

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