Nicks neo retro Sunday best bike need suggestions for finishing kit

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  • New frame is on order but got a few months wait. I've got most of a build in parts bin for this waiting so going to service and clean all those bits over the next couple of weeks and get them all shiny and ready to go. Until my frame arrives I'll use this in its place

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  • Bought this on here for a good price but it had a small scuff on the back of the leather so had this re covered and its come back like new. Don't all good projects start with a saddle?

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  • The frame I've ordered is this in the same colour. I actually had the same stem as this in gloss black but its way too chunky to suit this frame so I've sold it and need to find something skinnier. I've got a decent budget so happy to buy something nice at full rrp if it will finish this nicely. Need recommendations for Stem and seatpost ideally matching and bottle cages for a build like this but better looking. Just had a baby so I'm going to have to cut down on bike spending for a while so i really want to make this a good one.

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  • Current front runners are these. Leaning towards the Tune combo as i think the flared top of the superleggero post might look odd. I think a masterpiece/x2 combo might be a bit obvious and a little heavier than i would like

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  • what fork?

  • It'll come with the chrome precisa

  • I think ritchey 4 axis carbon and ritchey 1 bolt seatpost would look great. I haven't found a stem I like more on a steel frame.

  • Bike promises to be sweet!

    Matching Tune saddle, post and stem would look really good - are bars and tape already sorted?

  • Hadn't considered Ritchey but I'll keep a look out. I like the look of the older wet black 4 Axis stem and wcs 1 bolt carbon post for this

  • Yeah you can get from ebay at a fair price but theres a lot of fake also.

    The tune combo is very nice too.

  • I've got new 3t superleggera gloss black carbon team bars. Bar tape was going to be either black lizard skins or maybe some Silca tape that seems to be popular and does look nice but any other suggestions would be good

  • I didnt get on with lizard skins. I have cinelli kaleido in white on my neo retro and I'm very pleased with them. Also cinelli volee has a really nice look and feel.

  • Bar tape is often a tricky one just so many choices. I love lizard skins but it was just my boring default option of i couldn't make a decision. I'd considered black caleido as I've had that before as it feels ok, lasts ages and the colours would suit this.

  • Yeah, takes a lot of trial and error. There was a discontinued fizik tape I loved so have been forced to find other options.

    I only tried the midweight lizard skins and not the thinner or thicker versions.

  • I was happy with a bit of trial and error when bar tape used to cost £12 but now a lot of the premium ones are £40 this area does warrant a fair amount of consideration 🤔

  • For what it’s worth I’d go as plain as possible with tape including no debossed/embossed logos if possible - which tends to mean plain cork.

    The upside means that it’s cheap and white cork could look good with that paint job

  • I like white tape but then there's the black or white hood conversation. I'll be using campag record 11 levers and those hoods can look good in white

  • I got some deda geco recently for cheap (had never heard of it) , but I’ve been well impressed with how grippy it’s been. Only put on a few weeks ago so unsure of longevity though..

  • I've never heard of it but after Googling it i came across Arundel Gecko cheap as well which looks good for plain looking tape

  • Oh nice, good find, that looks quite similar to the finish of the deda tape too. How cheap did you find it? There’s this­Arundel-White-Bar-Tape-/255018106052?mkc­id=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l4­9286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0

  • I think white hoods and white tape might look a bit try hard (in a way that black hoods and black tape doesn’t) but black bars, white tape and black hoods would look really crisp.

    I’ll readily concede that I know nothing though

  • Yours seems the cheapest i found it for £11.48 in most colours. Arundel stuff should be good quality. I've got their bottle cages and rate them. Might buy a couple of mandibles for this

  • Black hoods are staying then I'll wax them up tomorrow. Plain as possible black or white tape it is. I'll definitely go with something sticky or dimpled. I've had Brooks leather and Cinelli leather look and they look really smart but i find them too smooth almost slippery even when dry and not black cork because i always looks more charcoal not deep black enough.

  • Super price although £8 to post 3 rolls is a bit sneaky

  • The Deda superleggero is looking like a popular choice. I've just found 3 other builds using this combo

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Nicks neo retro Sunday best bike need suggestions for finishing kit

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