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  • Hi everybody, I thought it about time I introduced my bikes to LFGSS since I'm always reading current projects.

    For the sake of ease I'll just add a post per bike starting from the ones that actually get ridden to the ones that you 'can't possibly sell'

    So first up is my boardman hybrid comp - bought 6 months ago and just swapped tyres, added mudguards and pedals.

    This is my 'bad weather' commuter and bought to replace my previous one which I deemed not suitable since moving house.

    Current plans for it are to fix the rear mech that broke this week. I can add my rear panniers/brooks saddle/shorter stem when the desire and my time frame to do some mini tours sets in.

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  • Next up is my nice weather commuter, which takes me through a short but enjoyable country park and a little bit of single track. Since moving house commuting purely on the road is too scary for me since there's a dual/single carriage way that lorries fly up and down giving you very little space.

    It's a boardman pro 29er (funnily enough whilst working at halfords I prided myself on not owning a halfords bike but now have 4 haha) short thomson stem and Eastern DH bars stole off my kona and brooks saddle are the only changes I've made really.

    Current plans are a full service over the Christmas period and just enjoy.

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  • Shopping bike - an old retro giant f&f including headset and seatpost I got for the pricely sum of £2. Everything else was in the parts bin and thrown on to do the short ride to the shop.

    Current plans are a smaller basket/wider bars as it is a little cumbersome to ride at times. Also to get a front shifter to allow use of the recently added triple. (I used to live on a 16% hill with the post office at the top so just used 1st gear to go up the hill and freewheel back down)

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  • My old nice weather commuter bike. This has seen some variations over its 11 years with me but currently rocks 11sp 105 groupset, thomson seatpost, 130mm stem all the way down, Chinese carbon tubs and a recently added larger range ultegra cassette.

    Current plans are a strip and service so I know its good to ride should the mood take me and/or a bit of altering to go and ride some hill climbs after watching the national hill climb championship up winnats pass the other week. Somebody has to come last right haha.

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  • Kona Cowan- ive owned this for 12 years now and has again seen a fair few changes through its life. Currently/will be my mountain bike of choice for sherwood pines for those that know it and other local routes. (I hate riding my commuting bikes to not commute for some reason)

    Runs a sram 10sp drivetrain, shimano xt brakes, slx crank and a super hard to find 30mm thomson seatpost.

    Current plans are a short stem and wide high rise bars to replace the ones stolen for the 29er, a bigger 2.4/2.5 front tyre and move the fancy mountainking to the rear and a narrow wide chain ring.

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  • Mrs Raleighracer/cheap hack bike - because I love a cheap hack!

    An old boardman frame I got in a bit of a bundle deal off a friend. Full parts bin special with a firm £50 limit was the plan, needing a cassette/chain/bb and gear cable took out nearly the full amount so has to run a hacked up road front mech with insulation tape to take up the 31.8-34.9mm difference to hold the chain onto the middle ring.

    Current plans are keep a close eye on the parts bin for upgrades. Possibly a paint job if the partner enjoys getting into cycling.

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  • The turbo trainer bike - was my old winter commuter but as I said the commute changed to include some cycle paths not just rode so obviously I had no choice but to get a bike with discs and room for bigger tyres haha.

    Running the old 105 groupset from the GT, a few parts bin bits and some 'nicer' parts I bought along the way like cinelli bars/stem, shimano 600 front brake (modern long drop rear) ultegra cranks etc.

    Current plans are debating to strip off the non essentials whilst it still works on the turbo to free up cash or selling it all together minus the wheelset and use that to put the GT on the turbo. Both are unlikely and most probably it'll will just stay as it is.

    (Excuse messy gym)

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  • Redline race bmx - must be 15 years old, got used hard for both training and racing on back in the day.

    Current plans are absolutely nothing except when I get a bit of a midlife crisis wobble I usually clean it/buy something that I would of wanted for it when I used to race. Eventually I would like it to be the dream bike when I raced but usual excuses of time/money apply haha.

    (Only rubbish photos I had)

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  • And lastly (for now) is the bike you see above on the right.

    My street/park BMX, a Mongoose R120. Bought on my last day at halfords to use my discount since my current job sees me going to alot of skateparks so I have a bike just incase I want to ride.

    Standard spec except brakeless, 2 pegs, some bits of plastic as DIY spoke guards, obviously cut seatpost and my favourite bodge, I had 2 pairs of the same mongoose grips from another bike so instead of just buying odi long necks I cut the grips in such a way the pattern still lined up and glued 2 half grips together to extend them.

    Current plans - see if I can get a longer seatpost and see if I still have the parts tp put a rear brake on so its a bit easier to just poddle around on - subject to it all being free of course haha.

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  • XT Rear mech bought off ebay with worn out jockey wheels for a bit of a bargain, fitted the jockey wheels off of my broken one, given a quick clean and straightened the gear hanger.

    Winter bike is bike to running order -

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  • I had one of those Boardman 29ers. Was an amazing bike. Did so many miles on it. Took it all over Wales. Wider bars, shorter stem and a dropper and it was such as great all rounder.

    Love the Raleigh in full commuter mode and the giant is great as well. What a steal.

  • @Tom13

    The boardman 29er is fantastic, I much prefer the longer stem, flat bars and racer saddle but just doesn't really work for the current commute. If my planned spring time tour doesn't come off I'll be doing a mini tour on that!

    Raleigh was such a good bike, again a shame it doesn't work on the current commute.

    And giant was a great bargain spotted by a none cycling friend for me haha.

  • Boardman 29er given a mini service tonight - derailleur stripped and cleaned, brakes out and cleaned, bb apart etc etc. Only things bot done were forks/headset and brake bleeding because I did them not long ago. Can be tucked away now till nice (dry) weather returns for the off road commute.

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  • Whilst doing the usual parts bin rummage looking for inspiration I saw a bolted seat post clamp, fizik saddle, boardman stem and chopped Easton ea50 seatpost so a plan was hatched.

    Seat post clamp to replace the QR one currently on the winter bike, Easton seatpost then the brooks from the 29er. Then the shorter 100mm boardman stem to bring the bars back a touch. (Still like a relatively low bar height for now but this may change through miles on the bike, if not I'll be cutting the steerer down a bit)

    QR clamp from the winter bike onto the 29er because it was in better condition. Deda seatpost from winter bike holding the fizik saddle.

    Boardman stem will of course be getting acetoned once I get it back from my dad.

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  • GT given a full strip and service. Given the unfortunate realisation that this may not get ridden for potentially a long time the plan was the regrease all bolts, lube up the drivetrain and polish and protect the frame in the hope whenever this does get ridden again it should be easy to get going with no seized bolts or rusted drivetrain to contend with.

    for my own reference currently weighs 7.8kg

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  • Another quick and easy job done once I'd remembered where my basket stash was - behind the shed of course.

    Smaller basket fitted to the giant shopping bike.

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  • Small but not quite bike related update, made a bike stand so I no longer have to lean the bike up against a wall when not using the work stand.

    The 'shims' mean this will fit 2.5ish" tyres with no shims, 2ish" with one shim and 1ish" with both shims in.

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RaleighRacer's 'fleet'

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