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  • So 4 years ago we planned the garden around having a 6 x 10 'shed' which in my head was to be an insulated 'studio' type escape space. My father in law has a beautiful ersatz artist's den at the bottom of his garden - which I love. I've been drawing and thinking and obsessing over it for years but we've never really had the money and there have been other more pressing house costs / jobs.

    Last year having costed things out a bit I realised something of that scope would just be out of our reach financially - even though given covid home working it would have been a perfect thing to have. I'd built the base already when I did the deck next to it - so I adapted the frame and used some sleepers to do a raised bed in front of where a 6'x6' shed would/could go.

    I reasoned that 6x6 could just about work for a desk and chair - as long as it was as tall as poss with a large window. Not entirely sure it would work but would build it uninsulated to start with - see how the space felt and then if okay - insulate later. But now - costing this out - were looking at over 1k - without insulation.

    I then had a 'useful' conversation with my wife who smartly pointed out that this was all effectively becoming a folly and I would be likely back in the office next year and, what we actually needed was garden storage (ie just a bloody shed) - or a greenhouse.

    So back to the sketch up I go and in efforts to reduce cost - revised design to a 6'x4.5' - 'potting shed' - but with a large glass i salvaged when next door had their windows replaced.

    Starting this thread in case I actually do build it but don't hold your breath.

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  • Have you looked at 2nd hand ones that you could pimp?

    We were lucky in that we inherited lots of sheds that my OH originally wanted to get rid of (kids has made her see the folly of her ways).

    Or main trad shed is 2.4 x 1.75 (or 8x6'? I guess). There was a point where it was fully tidy/almost empty when we were about to rent our house out and I worked in it once. I think the depth is key and I felt that there was enough room. For reference there is a built in potting bench.

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  • It's a perfect storm for project/scope drift/creep and shows how people end up with 20k cabins.

    My 2p based on your post is:

    • think of it as storage + a 2-3 season work space
    • buy a used shed (right depth, possibly longer so you can canabalise parts
    • modify for big window
    • cheap foil bubblewrap insulation + ply for walls, maybe splash out on foam for the roof, use thin painted hardboard for ceiling
    • thin insulation + hardboard floor + vinyl
    • twin rack shelving on the back wall

    This basically my long term plan, with a wooden doubl~ glaze instead of big window

  • Sheds are just so passé. Its easy to read between the lines and see what you both actually really wanted was a folly

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  • Hah - I’m under no allusions - a lot of this is to do with romantic notions - the back right empty corner needs a focal point. What better than a hand crafted minimal modern neo rural micro office ? What a bellend I am - I’ve looked at just buying a shed - almost the same money - I’ve also back-pedalled further snd looked at a small metal storage thing plus a bit more deck and a tree.

    Cheers @hugo7 not thought of pimping a second hand - will have a think on it.

  • Folly goalz

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  • I know no one likes temp solutions, but we have a couple of these sort of things and from a storage POV they're great.­en-Shed-Cabinet-Box-Unit-Tool-Storage-Sh­elves-Wooden-Toolbox-/274906198556

    That plus paint plus a nice tree in a pot would be a <£500 quick solution.

    We've got a couple of variegated Holly trees in large pots that are good for year round interest. Also unlike a lot of evergreens the light green and red berries give you some brightness in the darker months.

  • Good thread, ~I second @hugo7 idea about second hand. Tap up friends, neighbours, local garden groups etc. as people are always looking to get rid of this kind of stuff.

    For example I have accrued 3 different aluminium greenhouses for free over the last few years simply by offering to dismantle and remove them for people. We started with a small 6 x 4 and then moved to a 6 x 6. The third greenhouse supplied the spares to replace some missing or broken panes of glass and everything else went to the tip.

    I was also offered a summerhouse by my mate which is the kind of thing that would be a great start for you. It required dismantling and removing but that would have been easy enough. Unfortunately my wife said no so that didn't progress.

  • Idk man, that last picture says you need a holiday without the kids more than a shed.

  • yeh - could be what happens ....

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  • Haha well I do - but that just popped up on insta and sort of encapsulates the kind of wanky crafted construction one might aspire too - also this … may just rename this thread cabin porn and be done

  • .

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  • Ooof.

    I think I saw this on youtube. Is it the one where the guy made a fold out bed for his daughter to have sleepovers in? It looks similar, if not. Think the guy was an architect.

  • Yep ! I didn’t know there was YouTube content - think I found it on dezeen - you can see the flip down panel just to the right of the stove. It’s actually not that big 8x10ft think .

  • That's beautiful. What's the roof made of? Would you struggle with those windows in a garden unless it's north facing or similarly sheltered? Or is the amount of roof overhang sufficient to block the sun during the main hours of the day in the late spring - summer?

    No insulation, but I guess in the forest it won't get that hot in the summer and you just run the burner for heat.

    Ohheyitsdrew I don't suppose you have a link?

    On the general topic, the more I think about it the more I reckon you should go 2nd hand. Buy something the correct depth, but longer to give more wood to canabalise. You'd have to think of a clever way to convert the dull pitched roof to something smarter. But things like enlarging the window and reinforcing at wall are relatively straightforward. As an eg I saw one for £80 BIN in Edgeware.

  • It is insulated - the rafters are boarded (you can see inside) but then on top is insulation - whole thing clad in Corten steel tiles - you can see on the external image that the roof is thicker where the insulation is and thinner on the overhangs.

  • Cheers.

    Corten steel tiles

    These are very cool (and hard to find pricing on).

  • Yeah not a common product - I’d assume a sheet metal supplier just cut sheet into pieces - think the correct term is shingles or maybe shakes. Doesn’t look like they are hung on battens tho - they have different ways of doing stuff in the states.

  • the roof is thicker where the insulation is and thinner on the overhangs

    I've never seen this done before. Interesting.

  • I have these shed panels in my back garden (SW14) you're welcome to if you can collect them. They're made from 3x2 with 9mm painted ply attached. OK condition, no rot but could do with a repaint. They were the unused panels from an old shed I took down earlier in the summer. Might be able to make a couple of walls of your shed out of them.

    If you're interested I can send you photos and dimensions.

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  • I went the second hand route when looking for a brewshed.....picked up a 10 x 6 shed for £100 reasonably sound....
    Extended it last year with some osb that was being skipped.
    Also don't forget there are loads of pallets laying around .....

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  • This treehouse is mostly pallet wood....

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  • just cut sheet into pieces

    Yeah that was the one supplier who listed prices does, so you choose the size. Wasn't cheap.

    The shingles were custom cut and attached with K-lath screws.

  • I did this, cartshed/fieldstone/openstore thing, to replace the shed behind it, but that’s still holding on :)
    It’s just 4 5x5 oak posts some roof beams and battens with a wooden roof. The spacing is for standard front doors so I can fit them as a wall once I start skip diving again.
    I found the french doors for the gable end the other day by a skip door to door £20 thank you very much.
    I’ll finish it one day…

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Sheppz garden / shed

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