SBDU 3350 road fixed

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  • I’ve been on the lookout for a SBDU Panasonic track frame to put on the wall. I always wanted something my size and 753. I got one a few years back but the lad who posted it didn’t know what bubble wrap was.

    Casually browsing eBay and a 753 track frame came up. Even better it has a fork that is drilled from the factory so I can ride it down here (Cornwall).

    I need to get a some campag SR levers and front brake to match everything else that is SR. Maybe some 66 bars to replace the 65 as that is my preference. Other than that it will stay stock. Why would anyone remove SR?

    What size tubs work well on GP4 rims? Guess I should use 23mm?

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  • what a beauty
    one of my dream bikes

  • Why would anyone remove SR?

    Because the cranks are notorious for developing hairline fractures and the hubs aren‘t sealed properly.

    Regardless, great score and kudos for planning to actually ride it!

  • I’m waiting for my transfer between banks before paying he seller. Turns out, it’s @kobe should I be buying from him?

  • hmmm there was a bad traders thing about him about a year ago
    but he does sell a lot of stuff though and you're likely to get one cock up every so often
    he's well known which should make buying from him a little less risky

  • Yeah, I’m sure it will be ok. Just don’t want to get screwed on another SBDU frame.

  • What happened with the last (un-bubble wrapped) one? Did you get your money back if it was badly damaged. Would be gutted if I got one of these only for something to go wrong with it in the post....

  • I bought stuff in the past from kobe (before all that bad trader sstuff happening) and packaging was tidy, usually he wraps everything up.

  • He didn’t pack it at all, handlebars loose and dented the crap out of it. He sells a lot on eBay fixed wise and works at Halfords so it shouldn’t have happened.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for this!

  • Bike should be with me towards the end of next week, start of the week after. It’s getting posted to work so I’ll come in on a day off to strip and rebuild/grease everything.

    Bought some textured Benotto white for when I put brakes on. I’m hoping to find some NOS cables.

  • Found some NOS outer campagnolo brake housing. Just the brake and some tubs to source now.

  • Radio silence since payment. It appears on sale here, I figure this is before be bought it as his instagram account says he changed the stem from a 1a to a 2a.­ndex.php/shop/track-bikes/raleigh-753-cu­stom-built-track-bike-detail

    Anyway, he promised me high res pics after payment so I can daydream and no contact. Sure all it fine…

  • Some news…. Any news….?

    (this is worse than a Neighbours Friday afternoon cliffhanger from my childhood)

  • He told me he can’t get pictures to me until the 29th. It’s left Netherlands but not hit the U.K. yet.

  • this turn up yet?

  • Nope, in the U.K. but stuck in customs.

  • Parcelforce/customs contacted me asking for proof that I bought it personally, how much I paid and another million bollocks questions. I think it is because I got it posted to work (bike shop) and they need to know if it’s personal or business. Either way I’m getting fucked for around £300.

    Anyway, I hope to have it by the end of next week if they get there arse into gear.

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SBDU 3350 road fixed

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