Non-function, aesthetic only accessories

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  • Forgive me if a thread already exists, but I was wondering if there are many options for braze on/general bike accessories that are aesthetic only.

    I’m talking saddle rail charms, fun things to screw into braze-ons. No actual function other than looks.

    The modern day equivalent of alley cat race cards in spokes.

    *Hobo Pieces is functional, blue lug puffy reflector is also but I would say more aesthetic?

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  • These. Abso-fucking-lutely useless.

    Infact, any bottle opener accessory. If you can’t find a way to open bottle with the normal components on a bike then you don’t deserve the beer.

  • Carbon bars, beer bottle spacer. Something special here.

  • SPD cleats for beer bottles.

  • Very here for this thread - was quite pleased with myself when I a) found this licence plate and b) found a way to attach it neatly

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  • Also props to Zetland Cycles for his patented Disco Duck:­

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  • But really, you could put 90% of this forum under "Non-function aesthetic only"

  • Putting it out there now if anyone has one of these, I will give you money.

    But really, you could put 90% of this forum under "Non-function aesthetic only"

    I want to disagree but I can’t… oof

  • This is what I’m taking about, Zetland helping push the new trend of m5 bolt mementos.

  • I've definitely got some somewhere.

  • SPD cleats for beer bottles.

    Shimano DX pedals if you run flats.

  • Haters will say cantilever brakes

  • Don’t speak to me or my Neo-Retro like that!

  • If you find any out you know who to speak to ;)

  • Hey, I'm a canti fan/user

  • Feast your eyes… feat;

    Reflective danglers

    Gargoyle protectors

    Dango Bros ᵀᴹ

    Lionel Messi brake lever free-kick

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  • Dammit's Maguras

  • Suspension forks on BSOs

  • The smallest sprocket on any of my bikes.

  • You mean they don’t work!!??

  • Nalgene wide mouth - half the water gets lost down the side of my face 💦

    Similar to @M_V anything bottle cap related 🍺

    Top tube protectors - shoot me 🩹

    Funny, happy, smiling quill 😊

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  • I put this mug on my Wankster purely to annoy someone I occasionally see on my commute home from work. Petty? But it still makes me smile.

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  • to annoy someone

    Functional. DQ'd.

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Non-function, aesthetic only accessories

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