Albion, nice and reasonably priced, and some warm heads

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  • The zoa light minus the hood is clearly a marketing tool to buy the new hat.
    I see a discount deal on the two 🙏

  • Received my XL Zoa Insulated, unfortunately it's too small in the shoulders/chest. Fits about the same as a Uniqlo down jacket in size M in terms of length and volume, but with longer sleeves. Similar also in size to a Patagonia Torrentshell in M. Trying the XXL next but fear there will be a lot of bunching in the arms. Think the XL would have been OK in combination with lycra for on-the-bike wear, but was too snug for going about town in casual wear.

  • hi all, apologies as ever for absence, lots going on here (inc a trip to the CTT Champions lunch at the weekend)

    @pacef8 cheers for re-posting, that's the one. In a really lovely dark/drab olive too (flipside to the orange of the Baby Burner)
    @ghostface sorry it's taken so long to get to this - often glitches with codes when sale is running, but back online now. Cheers for the heads up
    @scraplab nice one - if the patches aren't peoples thing, a trick is to apply on the interior of the scuff instead (use a lighter to singe/finish loose threads first)
    @jps2904 ...keeps getting bumped! I will post here as soon as I know
    @Jameo yes, definitely difference in the cuts, and mens will have broader shoulders and squarer to the waist, but(!) proportionally the hem/hip is narrower, so can come up too tight on female form even if a good fit across shoulders - and obvs chest is another consideration. Not sure where you are, but let me know if I can help if your partner would like to drop into Deptford (or Condor & Pinarello stocking too).
    @gdkhgd great to meet, perfect timing with that weather crashing in!
    @pacef8 got some other irons in the fire for Pertex products too :) Will post info here as soon as I can.
    @exteroceptive gahhh, sorry about that - I thought you were about the same size (Medium) as me??! Let me know if I/we can help, basic adjustments would be a pleasure!

  • That would be great, thanks G! I'm probably going for a more slouchy fit than is intended.

    Hope you've healed up all right after your incident.

  • How are people applying the repair patch? I got one from that 12 hours of May thing, and a hole that needs fixing. Just iron on?

  • I'm not entirely sure (have just bought some today) but I think you need to employ a towel between patch / clothing and iron.

  • Yes, definitely use a cotton layer/tea-towel in between iron and the patch. Scroll to bottom for full instructions;
    Or if you’re not living in 2003 like me, there’s a 30-sec vid here;­s6/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

    @exteroceptive yes, thank you, back on it :)

  • Zoa insulated jacket - do they have a pile layer under the pertex like the old buffalo “pile and pertex” jerseys to wick away sweat?

  • No smooth inside .

  • Always wondered, what does the tea towel do that couldn't be done by turning down the heat on the iron?

  • I'm guessing it needs to be a certain heat to melt the glue, but you want to protect the garment from the high heat.

  • makes a lot of sense...

  • This hat can't be bumped for much longer. I've outgrown both these hats...

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  • not sure if there a repair thread but @Chopsicle i have this endura jacket and the seam seals are unbonding, whats a solution here? some sort of seam sealer ?

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  • I found 2 types of tape; for laminated and for PU coated. I cant figure out which one is the fabric.

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  • Interesting article about winter layering from dotwatcher with @Chopsicle­ering-q-and-a-with-graeme-raeburn

  • Stop cheaping out and buy Zoa

  • Dreaming of a Zoa insulated onesie after today.

  • There was a time I thought the insulated jacket was fundamentally too warm. Today I had two Base layers, burner, LS jersey, insulates gilet and insulated jacket going on and off throughout the day fucking hell

  • Does anyone own either the 3 season or winter tights? I'm considering getting a pair in the sale and am unclear on sizing - I'm 6'2 and built like a whippet. Would appreciate any experience

  • ha! this is a waterproof jacket not insulated one.

  • I have the 3 Season pocket bibs. I’m 1.84m ish and 81kg. Take a 34 waist in jeans, 33 or 34 leg, if any of that helps. I went for L and they are spot on. I think you would get away with an L even though you are a bit taller: the straps would allow a bit more height than I have, and an XL would be a bit baggy for you I suspect.

    Excellent bibs overall.

  • Cheers. Am weighing up whether winter bibs might be better as I normally just wear bibs and leg warmers as I’ve always found tights a bit annoying. I’m 28w - you reckon I large would not be baggy?

  • I'm 186cm tall & weigh 66kg with an 81cm waist, was riding medium three season pocket bibs today. A little short on the leg (fine with long winter socks) but suitable dimensions elsewhere else. I ride medium for the short leg bibs too. Hope that helps!

  • the tapes will be basically the same, just the laminate version has got a fine knit scrim on the outer surface, the PU will just be plain PU (flat, matt slightly rubbery looking) - meaning they look similar to the fabrics you're using them on. So I think you'll want the Laminate version, dead easy to iron on, just make sure what you're pressing onto is flat (most ironing boards these days are open mesh, and it doesn't get an even fix across the hot-melt film).

    ....sorry I missed HDIJ, looked cracking out here!

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced, and some warm heads

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